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  1. haneyk

    Quieting a clock

    I'm afraid I wasn't joking, although I had no idea if it would work or not. I've read they used to make special bedroon clocks with the verge pallets made out of rawhide to decrease the sound. I'm just trying to come up with an easy alternative to making a custom verge out of rawhide that...
  2. haneyk

    Quieting a clock

    Here's a picture of the movement, in case that helps...
  3. haneyk

    Quieting a clock

    I have a Sessions H-style wall regulator (time only) that has a lvery oud tick. I'm a light sleeper and would like to be able to quiet the clock so it wouldn't keep me awake. Is there anything that can be done in this regard? I was thinking of perhaps putting some tape or something on the...
  4. haneyk

    Anyone Else Notice A Big "Sold" Price Increase Lately?

    You have to remember, though, if you sold a clock at a regular auction, you would pay at least 10-20% to the auction house. Given that, eBay still is a bargin for the seller in general. Kevin
  5. haneyk

    Why so much?

    Looks like maybe a shill bidder ran up the price. If you take the top two biddres out, it would have sold for $81. Kevin
  6. haneyk

    Good Friday Clock Find

    You can usally find sets of these weights on eBay.
  7. haneyk

    A strange dial of 992B

    Looks like a low quality user modification in an attempt to turn a 12 hour dial into a 24 hour dial.
  8. haneyk

    'Wandering' Pendulum

    Also if the top bend on the pendulum syspension rod spring, the one that keeps it on the post, is not straight (a 90 degree angle).
  9. haneyk

    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Volume 7 Here's my latest, a circa 1930's New Haven Whitney model banjo. I never really liked the banjo design, but I wanted to get one with that classic look. This one was very well taken care of. Kevin
  10. haneyk

    How common were rose gold cases?

    An eBay search on "rose gold" in the Antique Pocket Watch section currently yields 23 hits. Kevin
  11. haneyk

    Little Paw Feet

    I too would like to know where to get wooden paw feet. Timesavers does not carry them. Kevin
  12. haneyk

    Watch repairers in South Central Pennsylvania

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a good watch repairer in my area. I've heard there is one in Chambersburg, PA and Abbottstown, PA. Does anyone have a name and phone number for either of these folks? Or any others in this or the north central Maryland area? Kevin
  13. haneyk

    manufacturer mark

    How about this trademark guys?
  14. haneyk

    War message found inside Lincoln's watch

    Do I detect someone who perhaps still hasn't come to terms with the fact that the South lost the war?
  15. haneyk

    War message found inside Lincoln's watch

    Check this out: Now if someone could find a picture of the message we could actually read and post it, that would be cool! Kevin
  16. haneyk

    Hamilton Pocket Watch inscription on inside of back case - Who might they be?

    I don't think there is any reason, from what you've said, to believe this watch was given to a Hamilton employee. These kinds of watches were bought by every company and given to retiring employees, a tradition I wish would come back! Kevin
  17. haneyk

    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Volume 7 The original mock pendulum is actually glued to the back of the plate used to cover the aperature. I'm not sure I would want to spend the money to have it put back in operation right now, though. The dial could also use a resilvering, but it looks good...
  18. haneyk

    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Volume 7 To answer your question Scottie, the crown and verge escapement was used on early clocks until about 1670 or so. This is the same escapement used on pocket watches up until the early 18th century. It was very inaccurate. The anchor escapement (so called...
  19. haneyk

    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Volume 7 Here's my latest, a circa 1730 English Bracket clock by Henry Shipsea, Guildford. It originally had a verge escapement and was converted to an anchor escapement, as most all of these were. The story I got with it said it came out of a Scottish castle...
  20. haneyk

    Longcase/grandfather clocks in movies or tv shows

    There is a Riley Whiting grandfather clock in "The Patriot", near the beginning. Kind of funny, since the clock dates to the 1820's and the movie supposedly happened in 1776... Kevin
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