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  1. DTSPatrick

    18k?? hallmark

    Spotted this old Waltham from the overseas market. Case says “18k” and is beautiful; but not sure if it’s real or not. Anybody have any knowledge of this hallmark? No other hallmarks. Is that staining from being acid tested?
  2. DTSPatrick

    Hamilton 917 stem question

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, a recent death in the family has led to lots of digging in old boxes. I found an Eagle Scout award/medal, a Navy officer’s sword, and something I was really looking for — my grandfather’s pocket watch from Packard. My grandfather lived to the age of 96 after...
  3. DTSPatrick

    NEEDED: an education on the Waltham model 1888

    As a long-time watch fan, old and reemerging fan of vintage pocket watches (particularly Waltham high-grade), I need some help figuring out a particular reference: the Waltham model 1888. Here's where my education needs some help. I've seen TONS of model 1888 spanning many grades in all sorts...
  4. DTSPatrick

    Waltham 18k hallmark

    Am I right to be suspicious of this hallmark? The Waltham is pretty standard and not suspicious; however, the 18k mark looks unlike any hallmark I’ve seen from Waltham. Has anybody seen a hallmark like this or is it a fake?
  5. DTSPatrick

    Waltham Maximus -- Correct Case?

    I must admit I'm finding myself especially interested in 12s Waltham Riverside Maximus pocket watches. I love the size (not too small), the quality movement, and the unique dial. Sadly, most of the movements I've found are orphaned and no case is present. I have a few questions: 1. What...
  6. DTSPatrick

    Waltham Riverside Maximus — correct hands?

    Looking for expertise — I’ve newly acquired a Riverside Maximus 12s 12million serial number without a seconds hand. After doing a little of my own research, I’ve noted 2 different styles of seconds hand with the same spade hour/minute hands. Which seconds hand is more period correct for this...
  7. DTSPatrick

    Restoration Question

    I’m trying to restore a broken down Waltham Riverside Maximus. I’m collecting a few movements with broken/missing parts and hope to put together a functional gem. Will I have any trouble swapping wheels (and maybe jewels) between same models? Are the train wheels the same between on open face vs...
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