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    2 Korean movements

    In my clock collection, I have 2 clocks running with the same Korean movements. One clock is in a case approximately 21 inches high and the other one is in a case 38 inches high. The movements themselves are wound with 2 springs: clock and chime. The little clock is in a location where the chime...
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    Korean movement puzzle

    I have just obtained this wall clock with a Korean movement. It is a 2-spring movement with a pendulum. Even though the movement looked clean, I dipped it in the cleaning solution then in the rinsing solution. Afterwards, I dried it and put it back together. I did not take the movement apart as...
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    Synchronizing a watch

    I need help to sync the day dial and the date dial with the time. I have the impression that some watch repair store put this watch back together without paying attention to synchronizing the 3 dials. Here is exactly what happens when I try to adjust those 3 dials: - I pull the stem to the 3rd...
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    Adjusting day/date on analog watches

    I have a fairly large collection of watches of different makes and brands. Some of the analog watches have a date or day/date display which is adjusted by pulling the crown out to the first of 2 positions. Most of these "2 step" watches are OK to adjust; however, on a few of them, the first...
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    Isn't this a Seth Thomas mantle clock?

    I just obtained this no-name clock which, by the looks of it, seems to be a Seth Thomas clock and I am trying to find an approximate date for it. As you can see in the pictures, the only markings are 12 CM and 196 on the back plate and Germany on the inside of the door. According to...
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    Help needed for Hermle 451-050 H/94 pendulum

    I have had a Hermle 451-050 H/94 movement running fine for approximately 5 years now. A couple of years ago, I found the exact same movement at a fantastic deal and purchased it as a spare. The only difference is that the first one has "81" stamped over the model number and the spare has "80" in...
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    Is pendulum too light?

    I picked up this wall clock from a neighbor a few houses away from mine. She heard from another neighbor about my collection of various clocks and offered me an old clock that had been in her basement "for quite some time". I don't really know how long is "quite some time". The clock is...
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    Mechanical WW Advice needed for an automatic watch

    This is my first thread in watches. My "thing" being clocks. I have just inherited an SUG 1883 automatic watch with moon phase. I have other automatic watches in my collection and, since I wear different ones every now and then, I don't mind if they stop. A few movements and the watch runs. This...
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    Metal strip of anniversary clocks [is this the proper terminology?]

    I have a few anniversary clocks and they seem to have what I would call a "contrasting problem". The clocks have rotating pendulums hanging by a fine metal strip. On some clocks, the strip is slightly twisted and the pendulum rotates nicely back and forth. Others have the strip very twisted and...
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    Advice needed for adjustment of Hermle GF clock

    I have been living with this frustrating problem from day 1 and I would like the opinion of the pros on this. I have built my own GF body and installed a Hermle 451-050/94 movement in it [that actually sounds funny because I am really a GF]. The movement is sitting on an adjustable table...
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    Strange observation. Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

    A relative was visiting us last month and brought a strange fact I had not noticed before to my attention. Here is a detailed description of my granddfather clock. It is over six feet high. The movement is a Hermle 451-050 with a 94 cm lyre pendulum and 3 weights. Here is the strange part: if...
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    Installation of chime rods block in Hermle GF clock

    This is a little embarassing. Over 3 1/2 years ago, I built a GF clock cabinet and installed a Hermle 451-050/94 cm movement with a beautiful lyre pendulum. I installed it in our dining-room and it has always created a warm atmosphere and a joy to hear the chimes and strikes anytime the...
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    Why is there a difference?

    On my Hermle 451-050 94cms, there is a behavior which I cannot understand: When I pull the weight chains up to "wind" the clock, I have to make sure not to raise the loops holding the hooks from the weights closer than a couple of inches below the shelf where the movement is mounted. If, by...
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    Need suggestions for better sound

    In the grandfather clock I built, the sound of the chime is much lower than my other clocks [mantel or wall]. The hammers have all been adjusted for the loudest sound possible; however, whether on the hour or quarter-hour, the other clocks can be heard from other rooms, even if the TV is on...
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    Uneven chime count on Seth Thomas mantel clock

    I have just obtained a Seth Thomas mantel clock in a garage sale. On the back of the movement, on the right, it is stamped "Movement made in the U.S.A. 4606". On the left, it is stamped "7-40". When you open the back door, there is a very old yellowed label marked "Model Bristol" and a...
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    Help to adjust Kundo anniversary clock's ball pendulum

    I picked up this clock at a thrift shop and need some help to get the 4-ball pendulum to rotate. The clock runs on a C-cell. It is made in Germany. I have attached pictures of the front and back. My problem is this: there is a 6 point white wheel which jerks counter-clockwise roughly at the rate...
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    Advice for loud tick-tock

    One of my wall clocks has a pretty loud tick-tock. In searching on this site, I came across 2 suggestions: the first one is to adjust the escape [I suppose lowering it to reduce the travel, thus lowering the sound?] and the second is to install felt washers between the movement and the back of...
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    What is that??

    I was showing off my collection of clocks [GF, wall, anniversary, etc.] to some visitors when one of them pointed out something I never bothered to figure out: On the floor of all my wall-clocks [those in a wood case with a gold-trimmed glass door and a pendulum], there is a 3/4" little pin with...
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    Opinions requested, please

    A little over a year ago, I obtained a 451-050 Hermle movement. A neighbor of mine, who is a mechanic for exotic cars and who's hobby are radio-controlled cars, recommended to use a dry cleaning spray which he uses to clean the expensive disc brakes of those vehicles. Apparently, it dislodges...
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    Sizes in wall clocks

    I am currently looking around for a movement to replace a more or less defective one in my wall clock. The movement has 2 springs: one for the time train and the other for the strike. It also has an adjustable pendulum. Obviously, the movement I am looking for would have to fit in the current...
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