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    Unknown movement

    looks like a Peseux except for the balance bridge. Many of their plates had this square angle look. Great ebauche.
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    Elgin wrist watch problem

    Thanks for the clarification. My opinions on Elgin are just what I've experienced and from old watchmakers who worked on them and several who worked in the Elgin factory when they were young. I don't think that the NAWCC: "I don't understand why this forum or organisation supports...
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    Help with movement identification please....

    My Paulson Fingerprint shows 2 13L that are very close: Thommen 37-12 and 38-12. Thommen would be the Revue name D
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    Elgin wrist watch problem

    These watches were very innovative when first produced. They used a shock absorbing system on the balance that is nothing but a Wyler Incaflex, a fabulously effective system but alas,, Wyler sued them and made them stop using it. The self winding train uses three jewels that operate something...
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    L&R Master Heater

    You can raise or lower the basket when in the heater. Just raise it up a bit and it will be cooler. The object is to dry, not bake the watch. One thing about one dip, it will evaporate. I only use it to remove stray oil from hairsprings or pallet if I make an error with the oiler, beyond that...
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    Fake Seiko

    When I was in the Southeast Asia War Games in 1966-67 (we came in 2nd!), there were quite a few fake Seikos around. The genuine articles were quite expensive at the time, $60-70 US but they were great well cased watches for use in the tropics. These fake ones were about $10-15, had pinlever...
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    Is this Must de Cartier real or fake? (pics)

    The watch looks to be of a Cartier quality. The movement especially. These were faked so often that there are photos of a steamroller smashing hundreds of them under Cartier's direction. I would be surprised that a redialer could refinish the dial with the Cartier trademark on the 7, but I guess...
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    LeCoultre Automatic Watch Identification Needed

    Most watches labeled "LeCoultre" are US models, while "Jaeger LeCoultre" are usually the foreign models. I've never seen a red dial on an original LC, doesn't mean it isn't, it just is very rare. A lot of watches that come out of India have been redialed and they often have some bright colors...
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    over wound watch

    When the pallet stones and escape wheel teeth are dry, the fully wound watch will often just sit there unwilling to start, even when given a shake. If they are properly oiled, they will naturally start running.
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    can anything be done with watch faces in this condition ( art deco period )

    Kirk Rich Dial in L.A. Slow but good.
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    Old Wathams not generally appreciated, but should be.

    I am referring to the Elgins from the 30s and later. You can take a genuine Elgin part out of the envelope and have it not fit. I've talked to old watchmakers that worked at the Elgin plant and they've said that a large percentage of movements coming off the line would not even run, requiring...
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    Mechanical WW Santos de Cartier Galbee Automatique Stem Removal

    Wyler, the king of split stems, recommends using a small set of side cutters, open face out against the crown, when pinched, the crown pops right off. Done it hundreds of times, works every time.
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    Another "oiled" watch

    I've seen plenty of ruined dials from Solo lube. It leeches out onto everything.
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    Difference between eta 2824 and eta 2892

    Night and day! Totally different.
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    English PW Question about a new mainspring

    Sometimes the large wheel that bears against the click will be not quite right in relation to the barrel arbor. Some are very deep and distinct and some are really shallow. The winding wheel will be cocked ever so slightly causing it to rub on the plate and make winding a lot harder. They run OK...
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    American PW This waltham traveler is driving me nuts

    Cracked or rough jewels can also slow things down. Endshake is where I'd look as well, no telling where or who made the staff if you have not changed it. It is not uncommon to have a dial washer or some other shim under a balance bridge. Bent pallet arbor?
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    How available are those odd shaped "art deco" era watch crystals ???

    Most people who bought out watchmaker estates have a lot of good plastic crystals of this type. The best by far are the SUC Rockets, made from Lucite plastic, thick and faceted on some models. Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and watch shows for GS and SUC catalogs. There are two grades of...
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    Old Wathams not generally appreciated, but should be.

    Considering that their 8 3/4L Premier was and is a really bad movement, and their 6/0 42 had some issues as well, I'm surprised that they did as well as they did. I still think that they were waaaay better than any Elgin product made at the same time. Both were pretty bad compared to what...
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    Post your Seiko, old or new!

    Seikos, always a favorite because they are cased as good as a Rolex, always have been. It is the secret of their success. Here is a 70s 33j automatic, one of the very few Seiko automatics that can be hand wound.
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    Gruen curvex ace 311

    Inside the case will be a number, 311-xxx this last number is the case number and makes finding the crystal easy. Beyond that it is just measuring and trying different sizes.
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