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  1. Andrew Wilde

    Un-named rack lever watch

    Took delivery of this rack lever pocket watch a few days ago. It bears no engraving other than the balance cock - no name, place, serial number - nothing. There's nothing under the dial nor the balance cock - completely anonymous. I was wondering if any of its characteristics looked familiar to...
  2. Andrew Wilde

    Swiss movement, help with manufacturer?

    Hi - I was wondering if it's possible to identify the manufacturer of this movement. Made for the British market, housed in a Dennison Moon case, with a British retailers dial. I was hoping the regulator might give a clue as to the manufacturer. And I know it needs cleaning ! Thanks ... Andy
  3. Andrew Wilde

    Genuine Roskell (sold by, not made by) ?

    I realise that what I have here isn't a Roskell watch made by Robert snr in the early 1800's ! I know that the Roskell family were in involved in the watch/jewellery trade into the late 1800's and used the Roskell name on pieces they offered from a variety of sources, but I don't have examples...
  4. Andrew Wilde

    Watch and clock repair prices from 1795

    While researching a Leicestershire Verge movement, I came across a document online at Leicester University by J.A.Daniell, titled "The making of clocks and watches in Leicestershire & Rutland". It includes a fascinating section on the formation in 1795 of a society of the county's clock and...
  5. Andrew Wilde

    Help identifying 8 day, minute repeater movement

    Not sure if this belongs in the watches or clocks forum - I'm sure an Admin will move it if it doesn't belong here in watches. A friend asked me to take a look at this - an 8 day, minute repeater movement in a very nice, all silver travelling case. It came with the movement out of the case...
  6. Andrew Wilde

    Thomas Bott & Co, Liverpool, any information appreciated

    Pictured below is a watch by Thomas Bott & Co, Liverpool. I mentioned it in a thread in the American forum, in relation to the dial - it has a similarly proportioned dial and subseconds dial to a watch being discussed there, which I believe is unusual and visually pleasing. I didn't illustrate...
  7. Andrew Wilde

    A.T&Co, model '57, case mountings ?

    My main interest is English pocket watches but I have a small side collection of pre-1900 Walthams. For a while now a hole in that collection has been a model '57 Appleton Tracy grade - they simply don't turn up very often in the UK, and never at a price I can justify - I collect on a budget ...
  8. Andrew Wilde

    Watch Waltham mainspring supplies in the UK ?

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows of a UK supplier of mainsprings suitable for Waltham pocket watches. Mainly needing springs for 18s models 1857, 1876, 1883. Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks ... Andy
  9. Andrew Wilde

    Vale & Company, Coventry, early verge, 1788

    Bought remotely at a public auction, it was the only pocket watch in a specialist watch sale, described simply as a "globe pocket watch" with just a picture of the front. It looked 18thC and I've a soft spot for those, didn't have time to request an image of the movement so registered a low bid...
  10. Andrew Wilde

    3/4 plate Massey 3 - likely date ?

    This was included in a job lot of Massey 3 movements and I think is quite unusual, being a 3/4 plate. It's by Hatfield & Hall of Manchester, who worked together from 1831 to 1845, but I was hoping someone might be able to help narrow that down. The serial number is 3827, but I don't know if the...
  11. Andrew Wilde

    new member testing understanding - please ignore

    This should include an image of a Stewart Dawson watch movement
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