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  1. M. Frank

    Has anyone seen this type of Seth Thomas movement?

    Pictured is what I believe to be a bank alarm timer, may be an experimental or prototype. It has a pair of what look to be high quality jeweled Seth Thomas movements. Damascened plates, dust cover and dual springs. Have these movements been used in other applications? I know that there are other...
  2. M. Frank

    Astronomical skeleton clock

    Last month I went to Australia to visit the firm of Buchanan where the commission for an astronomical skeleton clock has been placed and design and construction has been taking place for the past seven years. Many of you may have been following the progress on my website at...
  3. M. Frank

    Miniature tower clocks

    I thought some folks might be interested in seeing a couple of tower clocks that are mounted in tall cases for domestic use. these three train tower clocks are a little over one foot wide. You can get full descriptions and more photos here:
  4. M. Frank

    Telechron Type C master clock - anyone out there with one??

    I have recently obtained a Telechron Type C master clock, s/n 7, circa 1921. I am wondering if anyone else has seen or has one. Mine is missing the mercury switch tilt table and I'd like to get better photos for duplication than are available in the NAWCC Bulletin article August 1991: the only...
  5. M. Frank

    Here's my Telechron Type E vacuum glass master clock

    I've finished restoring a very rare telechron Type E master clock. To my knowledge there are only two or three around. A full discussion is here: .
  6. M. Frank

    NAWCC Bulletin Vol. #11

    Does anyone have a bound version of the NAWCC Bulletin volume #11 covering #107-118, 1963-65 for sale? Mark
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