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    Hamilton Estoril question

    I have 10 Hamilton Estorils, both 64A and 694A movements, but I also have a fractured right wrist and can do nothing right now. Within this wonderful brain trust, can someone tell me the proper size/tap for the crown for these watches? I have plenty of stems, and I have a ton of crowns and...
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    I can't identify this Hamilton movement

    Peter, you are the BEST!!!! I have been searching my tail off looking for the answer. I knew someone would help this old man!! Best wishes sir!! David
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    I can't identify this Hamilton movement

    I was mistaken about the watch in that I inverted the numbers. It is a Hamilton 837 and not an 873. It appears to be an ETA (self-winding) movement. I am looking for the proper stem and crown for this 837. Many thanks to all. Kindly, David
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    I can't identify this Hamilton movement

    Thank you for the reply. I was able to identify this little mystery movement!! I do appreciate your help. David
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    I can't identify this Hamilton movement

    Greetings to all, and forgive me if I leave out something of consequence in this post. I have a Hamilton 873 self-winding watch which I cannot further identify. It has "Swiss" stamped on the movement as well, but no other identifying information. I suspect it is an ETA movement, but without...
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