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    French clock mainspring barrel stress crack repair

    More than adequate. Actually, probably twice as wide as it needs to be. But, good job !
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    French clock mainspring barrel stress crack repair

    I have done a couple of these. I turned up a brass ring that was a snug fit on the barrel and tapped it on. One was a carriage clock where the repair was visible through the side. When I showed the customer, and explained why it'd been necessary, he was more than happy. The idea of heating...
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    What Watch/Clock makers do in their spare time?

    I'm hoping that I'll finally have enough time to have a go at hammering up some chassis rails for a reproduction car that my son is making. Namely, a Type 59 Bugatti. Various engine parts have been cast, including the fixed head, twin cam, straight eight, engine block. All here...
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    Help What do you do with old "disposable" movements

    You could replace obviously failed bushes with roller bearings, but how do you know which not so obvious bushes will fail next ? Short of replacing every bush in the movement you'll never be sure if there's another one that looked ok, but was about to fail. Before finding out about plated pivots...
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    Help What do you do with old "disposable" movements

    Well, I'm confused, ( I know, it doesn't take much.....). I thought the problem with plated pivots was fixing the pivots, not the bushes, which are straight forward. I got caught with a few in the early days before the whole plated pivot saga raised its ugly head. Re-bushed, made the pivots look...
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    Tin of reamers and cutters found in a tool box drawer

    I have an engraver that has some bits very similar to some of these. That would be my best bet.
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    Analog versus digital, what next?

    It must do, as I'm always running out of it....
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    Worst Designed Movement?

    When I started receiving my pension, but for some bizarre reason decided to keep working, I thought I'd stop fixing clocks I didn't like . Top of the list were cuckoo's. Ghastly, cheap, bent wire, horological abominations. If, after a repair you have to remove the movement again, you can...
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    Any shorthand experts....?

    I didn't realise it was sideways, it's just the way it presented itself. The clock is now back together and on test so I'm loathe to pull it apart again just to expose a few more characters when we already have plenty to look at, without making sense of them anyway. However, if someone is able...
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    Any shorthand experts....?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I see this turning into a mystery akin to that one where a body was found with encrypted notes on it, and no-one, FBI, NSA, etc, have ever been able to decipher them. Not quite as important in my case though.... Ralph. PS. When I return this clock I'll question...
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    Any shorthand experts....?

    Not even sure if this is shorthand though it's been suggested to me that it could be Pitman's Shorthand. I found it scrawled on one of the plates of an English double fusee I'm currently working on. I'm used to names and dates, but nothing like this and I wondered if it has any meaning. Ralph. N.Z.
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    John Harrison and the Quest for Longitude Jonathan Betts

    This is said to have been published in February, 2020, but I wondered if it was a re-hash of Bett's earlier work on Harrison. Does anyone know ? Don't want to get it and find that I essentially have it already. Thanks, Ralph.
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    German Hermle 260-080 B 31 Cm

    Just Google "Yeewtud" and you'll get your answer.....
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    Is my cousin being scammed on a clock repair?

    "I'm sorry, but I've spoken with a friend, who is a lawyer specializing in Consumer Law, and he said repairs should not have been commenced unless I had agreed to them. If that was not the case I can ask for my clock to be returned to me, in the same condition that it was left with you. That's...
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    Extremely Fine Thread Damage

    Finding a screw plate that has the thread you want, and it isn't damaged, could be bit of a mission. Not to mention expensive if that's the only time you use it. I have some very fine knife edged files for this type of job. However if I didn't I'd have a go at making something by grinding a...
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    French clock repair question

    Pretty fair bet that the clock has run down and someone has attempted to reset the time, backwards. If the tail of the rack hasn't been picked up, ( because there's no spring power), it'll jam against the snail, between 12 and 1, ( that sharp drop off). If you line it all up, the bent teeth will...
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    book about jewelers regulators?

    Are you meaning regulator clocks in general ? Whilst jewelers used them I don't know that makers of such clocks made them specifically for them, rather they made them for anyway who had a need of accurate time keeping. Astronomers and the like. If you search book sites with the author name...
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    Help In line LeCoultre

    I not long ago visited a customer with virtually the same clock. "Doesn't go" he said. He had attempted to "fix" it himself. By undoing enough of the case that he could poke something up inside to get the balance wheel to move. And by so doing break the balance staff...... It's a job for a...
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    Source Beveled Glass

    Does it have to be glass ? I've been replacing barometer glasses with custom perspex "glasses" for years. Easy to cut/turn, easy to bevel, and easy to fit using the same technique used by watchmakers to "shrink" glasses before fitting. They look absolutely identical to glass, and you can get...
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    Eclipse Instrument Vice 180

    I agree Graham. I have two, and have bought another 3 for friends. They are not cheap, but are exceptional designs in many ways. Something you may not have noticed, but which illustrates this well, is the gap between the jaws when you close them. They touch at the top by a minute amount first...
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