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    Colonial GF clock chime hammer problem

    attached are some photos of a grandfather clock I am struggling with. Notice it is sort of a bim bam style set of hammers. 2 on one set and 3 on the other. The short set works fine but I am at a lost on setting the 3 set of hammers. They lift too high and flop backwards. There is an adjustment...
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    Tiffany never wind battery clock

    Found this at the bottom of a box of old clocks from a garage. It is in pretty bad shape. All the wires are barely attached and definitely need to be replaced. Before I go any further with trying to resurrect it I thought I would reach out to someone who might know something about it...
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    400 day clock metal stand cleaning

    I have seen some clock people who work on these clocks and have restored the metal frames, not the brass works, but the stands themselves. They look virtually new. How the heck do they do that? Looked for threads about this but haven't found much. I can get the works on these clocks refurbished...
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    Cuckoo clock given to me.....

    Thanks for the info....
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    Inexpensive used grandfather clocks everywhere

    Well considering I am approaching 3/4 century mark, I am pretty near and antique myself. All of us who repair clocks are antiques also. Heaven only knows what will happen when we move on. No one can fix them.... competently... I end up gathering donations as when people find out what it costs to...
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    Cuckoo clock given to me.....

    I posted a better picture of the label
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    Cuckoo clock given to me.....

    Here is a better picture
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    Cuckoo clock given to me.....

    I have scoured the forums and picked up a little info on this but I would like to see if someone much more knowledgeable on this subject then I can pin down the date on it. The fella who gave it to me is about my age (72) and remembers it as a kid hanging in his grandmother's kitchen. That...
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    American Welch works missing mounting brackets

    Attached is a set of pics showing a E N Welch movement I had hoped to fit into a case (which is pristine) that had an Ingraham works in it (all from an auction). I like to be more authentic and put a Welch works in the case. Problem is that the works do not have any brackets to mount the works...
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    Nice but dirty works maker unknown

    Thanks to both of you who responded. Our members never fail!!! Any idea what the original case might have been?
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    I used a exacto knive with a sharp blade and chased through the damaged threads numerous times very carefully. It worked....
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    Nice but dirty works maker unknown

    Attached are some pics of clock works that has a makers name and date but I have no idea who it is or the significance of its date. does anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated. As best I can make out it says Midaille ?arcent & cie the ie is underlined vincentti 1855
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    Post Your Waterbury Clocks Here!

    Attached are 2 pics of a Waterbury works I found in a garage. It has no case or other parts as you can see. Anybody have some idea what it was? It is marked Waterbury clock co. patent 1899 all in very fancy script. I am guessing it came out of a mantel or camel back case.
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    Looks like my work is cut out for me.... better get that thread attachment for my Sherline..
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    would you also know the thread specs for the little bar that runs through the weights on the disc pendulum? I have one end that will not screw back on after I polished the parts. Hate to do any forcing. I will have to find a set of die and thresding tool. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    As far as the screw position pin, mine appears to have had a "bushing" inserted on the end. I can make one from brass on my lathe and see if it fits and works. The missing pin is easy enough to make but I need the diameter and length as well, if possible, what threads it has as it appears to...
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    Awesome thanks to you three....
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    Gustav Becker wounded 400 day clock

    Attached are some photos of a Gustav Becker 400 day clock that is missing some parts. Specifically what attaches and adjusts the suspension spring. Seems there is a post but no adapter or fiting to mount the spring. Also, there is an adjusting mechanism on the top of the spring mount and a fork...
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    Minimalist care for a disposable modern clock

    I have helped out a few customers with this kind of situation by removing the works but not disassembling it, hanging it outside and squirting Naptha on it and then using a compressed air hose blowing it out. I jiggle the arbors a bit when applying the Naptha to get as much junk out os the...
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