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    Hamilton Mantle Clock

    I recently bought a Hamilton Mantle Clock (carriage?). The stampings on the movement are 72, 340-020, 2 jewel, unadjusted, West Germany. It's running great and chimes Westminster every 1/4 hour properly. The problem is it only strikes once on the hour, regardless of the hour. Is this correct, or...
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    Sessions time only calendar

    I recently bought a Sessions "schoolhouse" calendar clock for very cheap. It had a broken spring, so I took it apart, replaced the spring, and managed to get it back together. (I'm still very new to this) It's running and seems to be keeping good time, (it's only been a day) but I can't advance...
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    Seth Thomas ship's clock

    I recently received a Seth Thomas ship's clock for my office on my ship. It has a 115A movement. I oiled it and started it and it ran for 10 days, then stopped. I advanced the minute hand a few minutes and it started running again, only to stop again later. It has done this several times and...
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    Chelsea running too fast

    I have a Chelsea 24 hour clock with a 12E movement. I recently replaced the broken main spring and ran the movement through my ultrasonic cleaner. Now it's running too fast and I have the adjuster turned as slow as it will go.It runs about 2 seconds per minute fast. Also, it takes several...
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    Make and age?

    I recently purchased this grandfather clock. It's been in my wife's family for over 50 years. I don't have possession of it yet, and the seller doesn't have any information on it. I sent the picture to a clock shop owner, and he thinks it's a Emperor/Jauch. From the picture, it appears that...

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