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    Willard House, What Is This?

    The Willard House and Clock Museum posted this on Twitter feed today. They have no idea what it is. Here is the description: This was on a shelf in the Keeping Room/Kitchen at the museum and we are not sure what it is. The object is wooden, it may have been carved. It is 5.75" long, the...
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    NAWCC Podcast - The Engle Clock

    In this episode, we discuss the Engle Clock, its fascinating history, and Stephen Engle, the little-known genius who created it. We talk with Bill Zell, Museum docent and Engle Clock historian, and Tom Bartels, former Executive Director of the NAWCC, who was responsible for the clock's...
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    Review: HODINKEE Magazine Volume 1

    Here is something I wrote for NAWCC WatchNews that has received a lot of attention online. Probably because it has the word HODINKEE in it but that's okay with me. Enjoy!
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    RGM Wristwatch to Commemorate Museum of Time’s 40th Anniversary

    On November 29, 2017, the National Watch & Clock Museum officially celebrates 40 years since its opening to the public. The Museum is the Western Hemisphere’s top, public timepiece museum with a collection of over 13,000 clocks, watches, and timepiece-related items. It has held countless exhibit...
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    Tavannes Pays Tribute to Its Heritage Watches by Bruce Shawkey

    Tavannes Pays Tribute to Its Heritage Watches -by Bruce Shawkey (WI) 9/06/17 Top side view of the 100th anniversary re-issue of the Tavannes Submarine Commander watch. Note that the red rings around the bezel and crown are not decoration but rather "monitoring gaskets" that turn from bright...
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    What's in a Number?

    Introducing Museum of Time's Blog -Keith Lehman (PA) 8/25/17 An example of Object ID placement on this Hamilton Pocket Watch. Courtesy of the National Watch & Clock Museum. I work in the upstairs offices of a museum. Not just any museum—The Museum of Time. Upstairs there are the following...
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    MrWatchMaster Presents: Time For A War Story

    Does anyone own a Vertex watch? MrWatchMaster is seeking stories about the use of Vertex watches during World War II from owners of the watches. Fist place winner gets a Vertex M100 watch. Visit the following link on WatchNews for details...
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    RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype on Loan at National Watch & Clock Museum

    Two-Millionth D-200 Deluxe RGM / Martin Guitar Prototype. Keith Lehman. Even after two years as editor of WatchNews, writing about wristwatches can still feel like visiting a strange country. Just when I think I understand what stirs the soul of the wristwatch enthusiast, the proverbial...
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    The Life and Work of America's First Watch Manufacturer Presented at Museum of Time

    English-style fusee with verge escapement and full plate with American patriotic symbolism. Courtesy of National Watch & Clock Museum. By Aidan Hickey My internship at the National Watch and Clock Museum is winding down, but thankfully I had the opportunity to attend a TimeTalk before I leave...
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    The Museum Reveals a Rare Discovery, Exactly 100 Years after It Was Patented

    By Adam R. Harris, NAWCC Guest Wristwatch Curator Just when you think there can be no more surprises, an outstanding piece of horology pops up. In 2012, after three months of cataloging and photographing 1,400 wristwatches—trust me that is a lot of pictures—during my first stint as Gallet...
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    Unique Partnerships

    By Gillian Radel Partnerships happen every day for practical and creative reasons. Hublot, known throughout the world for its partnerships, has teamed up with sports stars, such as Usain Bolt and Ferrari and its racing team, to create iconic timepieces. Now, by putting a new twist on the...
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    Analog Watch Co. Review: Carpenter Collection Makore & Red Sanders

    By Aidan Hickey It was very interesting to do a review on a watch company that not only creates innovative fashion but does so in tribute and harmony with nature. Analog Watches are partners with Trees for the Future. This means that every time you buy a watch from the Carpenter Collection a...
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    Video Review: Bulova 97A155 Men's Accutron II Alpha Watch Introduced in 2014, the Bulova Accutron II Alpha pays homage to the original 1960s Series 214 Spaceview models that were first used by NASA and then later made available to the public. The new watch is clearly meant to look...
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    Clock and Watchmaker David Walter Realizes Lifelong Dream: The Platinum Watch

    David Walter standing beside his double pendulum clock. David Walter Timepieces. David Walter is a horological one-two punch. Not only is he an accomplished and acknowledged clockmaker but also a professional watchmaker. Training at a very young age, Walter has been recognized nine times by the...
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    Patek Philippe Summers in New York City

    If you aren't convinced that Patek Philippe is the king of watchmaking, then you haven't been to their Art of Watches Grand Exhibition happening now in New York City and ending this Sunday. This once-in-a-lifetime event brings Patek Philippe's most prized pieces, museum artifacts, and skilled...
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    Most Expensive Smartwatches So Far

    Louis Vuitton-Tambour Horizon With the constant innovation of technology, the rise of the luxury smartwatch market can no longer be ignored by watch companies. Influential brands, such as Apple and Heuer, have pioneered the way in this new and exciting marketplace. Recently, however, fashion...
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    Is a Smartwatch a Watch?

    It's time again to ask professionals in the field of horology their opinions on whether smartwatches are actually watches. In our first installment of the series we asked Noel Poirier, director of the National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia, PA; Roland Murphy, owner of RGM Watch Co. in Lititz...
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    The History of Swatch
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    RGM Watch Co.: Where Past & Present Manifest
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    Roger Moore, The legendary James Bond You Need to Watch

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