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  1. Dave Chaplain

    Pocket: Earliest Bliss Precision Timekeeper?

    Posting here due to the John Bliss connection ... possibly his earliest attempt to serve the maritime timekeeping market? - compensation curve - Massey 3 - diamond end stone - OF silver case marked Chester 1832 [O] by [JLS] (probably Joseph Lewis Samuels), no case number, seconds register -...
  2. Dave Chaplain

    Hamilton 992B with serial noumber C-152555

    Does anyone happen to have this watch? If so I have the original box, bag, and receipt and we should arrange a marriage! :)
  3. Dave Chaplain

    Letting down an early New York Watch Co keywind

    Can anyone help with the proper method to let down the mainspring tension on an early New York Watch Co keywind? I've seen several of these with a similar top plate layout, but I've not had reason to let down the mainspring on one of these before now. Dave
  4. Dave Chaplain

    Help ID'ing an early Private Label swiss movement - possibly CF Tissot

    Can anyone help ID this private label? It's marked "Sam'l H. Price, Lancaster PA" on the movement and case, with no signature on the dial. My only lead so far is that it shares some of the attributes of what was advertised in an auction as an earlier (1855) CF Tissot movement. That comparison...
  5. Dave Chaplain

    KWCCo Victory Rolled Gold case and bow corrosion.

    I received several watches from a batch collection sale and all are in fair order - except for the case on this one. The bow and surfaces of the case that had lost its's gold plate have apparently had a reaction to a chemical of some kind that's turned the non-plated parts green. The dial...
  6. Dave Chaplain

    The "Re: Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin ..." thread is "Closed"?

    All of the sudden I can't post in the thread ... ???
  7. Dave Chaplain

    Swedish / Finnish watch case marks

    The pic is of the case marks for a watch with a movement marked "Persson". Can anyone decipher the marks, identify the country of origin, or possibly ID a timeframe based on these marks for the case?
  8. Dave Chaplain

    Waltham Vanguard Model 1892 Diamond End Stone (DES)

    After a recent discussion and a search of past postings, there seems to be some confusion over Walthams use of DESs in the model 1892 Vanguard grade. I've have notes on 14 model '92 Vanguard movement configs and here's what I've seen: - two 17J movements prior to 7,023,xxx do not have DES -...
  9. Dave Chaplain

    Longines guess

    I have only this picture of a wrist watch sent to me by a friend. Can anyone offer a guess of the caliber and year?
  10. Dave Chaplain

    Ball 16s 21j ORRS Watches

    After all of the recent discussion around the Ball contract / OEM watches it occurred to me that since Ball was successful in enlisting 4 major watch manufacturers to build him 16s 21j ORRS watches that were nearly identical, is there any documentation from Ball or from others who may have had...
  11. Dave Chaplain

    The Elusive Hampden Grade 60

    Is it too late to enter?! :D
  12. Dave Chaplain

    Waltham dial for what movement?

    I've acquired a very nice Waltham [block signature], double sunk, arabic numeral, 10 size glass enamel dial with seconds chapter. It's dial feet position are roughly 18-35-57, which matches the feet position of several 12 and 14 size movement models ... but no 10 size that I'm aware of...
  13. Dave Chaplain

    N. Virginia based Contract Pocket Watch Repair

    Greetings, I'm looking for a watch repair person, preferably located in the Northern Virginia area, who is willing and able to do contract pocket watch repair work for me. The watches I work with are generally American made during the period 1850-1920, but there may also be some European made...
  14. Dave Chaplain

    Wempe Quartz Ships Bell Clock Setup

    I've acquired and been able to make run again a Wempe Quartz Ships Bell Clock (typ 508221, 0838 3) but I'd like to find out how to setup / sync the hands and bell. There looks to be at least one mechanical screw / potentiometer that is accessible on the unit. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Dave Chaplain

    Early Waltham 10-size confusion ...

    I'm a little confused (maybe a lot confused) about the 10-size Waltham model 1861/1874 line. I believe there are all of the following: 1. model 1861 with Fitt's patent and without Fogg's patent ("Series 1") 2. model 1861 w/o Fitt's and with Fogg's (although not marked for Fogg's, pic attached -...
  16. Dave Chaplain

    New Pocket Timekeeper, and More!

    File in the "nothing new under the sun" heirloom category ...
  17. Dave Chaplain

    Ships Chronometer / Comparing Clock Forum

    I'd like to stay informed and contribute to threads on chronometer's and chronometer comparing clocks but I'm not sure which forum to subscribe to. Does a section exists? Any suggestions? Dave
  18. Dave Chaplain

    Mercurial Pendulum Handling

    I spend most of my time in the pocketwatch section of the board, but I have some questions that should probably be posted here in the Clock section. I've recently acquired a large wall regulator (ITR Master Clock) with a very heavy two-jar Mercury pendulum. I've also got 24 month old twins in...
  19. Dave Chaplain

    Other Email Notification Question

    I'm not sure if this is a problem or not - but I seem to remember that I had subscriptions to forums that provided immediate email notification. Presently it appears we can only get daily summary email notifications per forum as opposed to immediate email notification, and the immediate email...
  20. Dave Chaplain

    No obvious way to add a custom avatar

    Although it appears to be possible based on the language provided in the User CP | Edit Avatar space, i.e., "Note: if you have a custom avatar selecting this option will delete it", there does not seem to be a way to upload a custom avatar.

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