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    What's it worth

    I noticed that the "What's It Worth" sections are missing from the forum list this morning. Is this just a glitch or have they been removed? Thanks, Walt
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    French or German??

    My apologies ahead of time. This is what happens inside my brain when it is cooped up for so long. Everyone keeps telling me that the Morbier clock is French. I'm just not so sure. After all... When you consider the traditional beverage of choice in the 2 countries, wouldn't you expect a...
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    Marking Forums as "Read"

    In the old MB we were able to mark individual forums as "read" and I have only found a way to mar, everything as read. I use this as a way to determine which forums I have looked as and which I haven't if I need to step away from my computer and don't have to go back in and search for new...
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    GB 2 wt. Braunau 1911

    Hi, Thought I would share my latest acquisition. I just purchased a 2 wt. GB that, from the markings on the back plate and John's S/N index, was made in the Braunau factory in the middle of 1911. It employs the 4 post mounting system. It is a lighter colored wood than most of the ones I have...
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    Places to visit in Eastern France

    Hi, There is a possibility that I may be visiting the Lyon/Grenoble region of France on business in the not too distant future. I expect to have a day or two for sight seeing. If I go, I will have a car to drive. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to visit in general and more...
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    Something new to be thankful for. S. B. Terry Regulator

    Been a while since I've added to my collection with such excitement. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to pick up a Silas B. Terry regulator. Near as I can figure, it dates to about 1835 or so. The info I have found has Silas in Terryville Conn in 1831, but the label says he was in...
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    keyhole movement mounting

    I got to thinking, I know that GB and Gbr. Resch use an inverted keyhole on the back plate to mount a movement to a bracket screwed into the back wall of the case, similar to the attached picture. I have seen other unmarked movements that mount in the same way and most of them seem to have...
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    replying to posts individually

    Getting frustrated! If there are 2 posts in thread and I reply to one then attempt to reply to the next one, about half the time BOTH replies are added to the same post of mine with the word "modified" between the 2 answers. The post isn't modified, this is a TOTALLY different reply. Why is...
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    Weight driven Lenzkirch GF barely runs 7 days

    Hi, I recently added a Lenzkirch tall case to my collection and I love it. I has a deep, rich, strike on a dual coiled gong and sounds just like a grandfather is supposed to sound. According to the S/N it is from 1927 and is in good shape. Anyway, it has one little quirk. The time train...
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    Beautiful Music?

    Hi While reading through my new issue of the Bulletin, I was wondering if there is an audio file available of what the clock on the cover sounds like? I didn't see a link in the article itself. Or, if I just missed it could somebody please point it out to me. Thanks, Walt
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    To fix or not to fix, That is the question.

    Mornin' I just bought a nice Badische Bracket clock. The case is in really good shape. The movement has had a few "less than ideal" repairs done to it. Most of the time I would just fix whatever and move on. This one presents me with a bit of a dilemma and I am interested in second...
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    Gebruder Resch Motion Works question

    Hi, I recently acquired my first "Remember" 2 wt. I have been wanting to add a Gbr. Resch to my collection for a while now. As I do with virtually every clock i get, I tore it down, serviced it, put it back together, hung it on the wall, expecting wonderful things, and it was ticking away...
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    Waterbury Regulator 53

    Hi, I was just able to purchase what, according to Tran's book is a Waterbury Regulator 53. The good news is i got it for a decent price. The bad news it is missing the weights and the decorative trim around the top. I know it is a long shot, but if anybody has the trim I would like to get it...
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    My Latest Lenzie

    HI, Allow me to add my newest Lenzkirch Tall Case to the thread. Nutjob I picked it up recently and just finished a full tear down cleaning. It is happily ticking away in the hallway where it sits in the picture, it is, however, against the wall. :rolleyes: Rich, beautiful voice on a...
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    William Smith, Inverness

    Mornin' everyone, I am looking for information about a clockmaker, "Wm. Smith, Inverness" (name on dial) Scotland. From what I was told, he was in business at 77 Church street from 1805-1853 when he died and was succeeded by his son Robert. I was wondering if anyone had any more information...
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    A question just for fun. I recently acquired my first Gbr. Resch, 2 wt clock. I have always wondered (and figured this would be a good time to ask since I now have one) does anybody know why the English word "Remember" would be on that back plate of a German clock? ?????? Thanks in advance, Walt
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    Am I the only one?

    Came in to the MB just now and the layout has changed. instead of the sub topics being in 2 columns, the are listed in a continuous horizontal line. Is anybody else seeing this? This makes the topics I look at much harder to see, can it be changed back? Thanks, Walt
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    Old Paper Replacement Dial

    I think I am about to go nuts. I have been searching the MB for half an hour looking for the name of the company that printed and sold paper replacement dials. I have a friend with one of their dials on his clock and told him I would get the name of the printers. I have found them before and...
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    Dial Cleaning

    Hi, I have a GB 2 Wt from about 1904 and the dial is quite dirty. The challenge comes in the fact that it looks as if the name of the retailer and the city are written on the dial as well. I was wondering if there might be a way to clean the dial without destroying the additional writing that...
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    Adamantine Ding Dong

    All For many years I have loved adamantine clocks. I found one over the week-end that is a keeper. The fact that the market is the pits is a mixed blessing. More clocks are available, but it is much more difficult to do a fix and flip. Doesn't really apply here since I bought this as a...

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