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    Column Shell

    Been a while since I have posted here. Basically pretty much stopped buying clocks quite a while back because we have been busy with having moved to a new home about six months ago. Problem is, while it is a larger home than our previous one it doesn't have the same wall space as I had before...
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    Howard Miller Oooop's

    Just moved and as a result had to dismantle my '70's Howard Miller Grandfather clock. Clock is typical HM three train movement. Well, OK I admit, it had been a while since I had done this and when I went to set the time I forgot that you are supposed to only turn the hands "counter-clockwise"...
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    Ansonia movement pallets

    Working on cleaning an Ansonia Crystal Regulator and note that the open escapement has what appears to be some sort of glass or stone pallets? Never seen these before, can someone enlighten me? CP
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    Ansonia Crystal Regulator Movement removal

    A family member brought me a very nice Ansonia Crystal Regulator (see photo) and has asked me to clean the movement. Examination has shown that it is indeed in need of cleaning as the movement will not run at present. I am unfamiliar with working on a clock with an Open Escapement, never...
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    Clock ID help

    I found in an upcoming local sale the clock in the attached photo listed as an 1870 Seth Thomas. Unfortunately the photo is very poor in detail, but as you can see the clock has all the appearance of a Chime Clock and is fairly distinctive so might be easily identified by someone familiar with...
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    Sessions Mantle clock

    A good friend brought me a Sessions Black Mantle clock to repair for him. It was a gift to his grandparents on their marriage. It is a Brandon by model name and I would guess dates to the early 1900's. I have rebuilt the movement, added four bushings and have it running well. Now for the...
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    My damaged No 1 Regulator

    The original thread on this was posted in the Clock forum under the "Disaster strikes...." heading. Following the incident I sent the clock to a restorer to have it repaired and am simply amazed at how quickly the work was done. The clock is now repaired and the restorer sent me photo's of...
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    Alcohol vs brass....Chemical reaction?

    Not quite sure where to go with this one, not quite case restoration, but not clock repair either, so I put it here. I have a problem with an elaborate brass bob that I was cleaning up, it appeared to have some shellac on it, actually it was on the reverse side. Whan I attempted to remove it...
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    Regulation problem....runs too fast

    I have a problem with my recently acquired Seth Thomas Jupiter, I cannot get it to run slow enough. For those not familiar, this is a weight driven, chain wound T & S wall clock. From the moment I set this clock up and set it in motion it has run fast. It is presently gaining at the rate...
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    Veneer repair on dial board

    This is just the forum I have been waiting on in order to get some tips on repairing some veneer problems. The case in this instance is the lower edge of the dial board on my Umbria where the veneer has come loose. As depicted in the photo I have attached, it extends along the entire bottom...
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    email notification of subscribed threads

    Since the changeover to the new board, I am not receiving email notifications of posts to threads that I am subscribed to. I went into the UserCP and made sure that I have it selected, but still nothing. CP
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    Dial restoration...yes or no?

    We all know that to maintain the original dial on an antique clock is the best way to go. However, at what point does the original dial become so poor that restoration or a complete repaint becomes wise? Having suffered the severe damage to my No 1 Regulator by it's fall from the wall...
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    Disaster strikes......take this as a warning

    One the worst things that can happen with an antique clock happened to me today and I am just sick over it. I was moving some clocks around as I was preparing to hang my newly arrived Seth Thomas Jupiter clock and I moved my Original Seth Thomas No 1 Regulator to another wall. I used the same...
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    Clock Weights Identification?

    Can anyone identify these weights as coming from any particular manufacturer? They do appear to be maybe just unique enough to be identified that way. CP
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    HOT topic - case repair help

    Yes a Hot topic, involving Hot Glue! I am trying to figure out if it is possible to reverse the damage to this Ithaca clock case done by some IDIOT who used hot glue to glue the movement mounting boards to the case. Anyone know of any way to remove this stuff without damaging the case? Will a...
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    Escapement question.

    I have been struggling to rebuild that Welch clock movement out of the Ithaca calendar clock that I bought a while back and it is giving me fits. This is the movement that I discussed in a previous thread titled Ithaca Clock and movement a few weeks ago. Yeah the mangled movement that has been...
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    Technical question on double spring wind time clock

    Had an interesting experience today with one of my clocks, a Seth Thomas double spring time only 15 day movement. A couple of days ago I went to wind the clock and as you might have experienced the minute hand was blocking the key hole on the right hand side so I just put a few winds on the...
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    Silvered dial mishap.........ouch!

    Wow did I learn something the hard way! And, it leaves me a little confused about what I am actually dealing with. I am restoring a Seth Thomas Tambour and the silvered dial had what appeared to me to be some small stains. Soap and water did not have any impact on them what-so-ever so I...
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    Help bushing a Welch movement

    I got around to letting the springs down on a E.N.Welch movement out of an Ithaca calendar clock and begun checking the pivot holes for wear. I have found a couple that are pretty bad, but I have run into a type plate/bushing I have never seen before and am wondering (before I disassemble the...
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    Ithaca Calendar Clock and movement.

    Boy sometimes you just do stupid things, like venture out of what you know about. A few weeks back I had a weak moment and purchased an Ithaca hanging Library Calendar clock off a live auction. Boy did I get taken to the cleaners? Clock does not run, has some damage at the top and to make...

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