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    H Bolton Liverpool

    I’m looking for any information on Henry Bolton or H Bolton Liverpool tall case clock maker.
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    30hr weight driven movements??

    Help please....My memory not being what it use to be, I have forgotten where the article on ( Identification of brass, or Ogee, 30 hr weight driven movements) is to be found???? mikeinjax
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    SB Terry double ladder type 30 hr

    Please move this to Parts Wanted. My bad I'm in need of a SB Terry, double ladder type, 30 hr. time only movement. Please pm me if you can help. mikeinjax
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    Miniature Gilbert Steeple/Nice lower tablet

    Found this miniature steeple case by Wm. L. Gilbert & Co. Winchester Conn. in a small shop in North Carolina a few weeks back. It's size, nice label, lower tablet and the very low price is what convinced me to bring it home. Some time in the past the movement, movement mounts and dial were...
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    Who was the maker of thisT shaped movement.

    Who made this small 30 hour T shaped movement??? mikeinjax
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    Seth Thomas Fashion NO. 2

    I would like to show off my wife's latest find, a Seth Thomas Fashion # 2. The wife and I stopped at an Antique shop on Sunday afternoon to stretch our legs and "just to look around". After entering she went to the right and I to the left. Not one minuet later she spotted the the #2 but said...
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    45m 4 jaw chuck

    Looking at a 45mm 4 JAW independant CHUCK, 8MM FOR BOLEY WATCHMAKERS LATHE. Need some advice as to whether this chuck would be a good accessory or not??? mikeinjax
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    Gustav Becker strike Problems??

    Need some help! with a Gustav Becker P54 movement, I'm having strike problems. Movement has been cleaned, pivots polished, bushing were good. Assembled and oiled. Ran on test stand for 4 days. Keeps good time and struck correctly for the first 10 hours. At 9 o'clock It strikes correctly, at 9...
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    Gilbert Porcelain clock

    New to me a Gilbert Porcelain Model No 406 While I have 14 of Tran Duy Ly's books, I do not have the Gilbert book yet. I have tried the Internet, Savage and Polite's web site and the search function on this Form to find this clock, no luck. So I need some help on this one. Does Tran list...
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    terminating cable?

    Good afternoon gents, could some one please explain how to terminate the ends of these cables at the eye hook. Do you run the cable through an end fitting and double back and also run the end of the cable in the fitting, forming a loop? Need to know what is correct...
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    Help, Carriage clock

    Need some information on this carriage clock please. It stands 7 3/8" tall, 4 1/2" wide and 3 1/2" deep. A heavy clock with no makers mark. The only thing I can find is the number 916 on the bottom. It has the hour repeater button on the top. It has been wound for time, count and alarm but does...
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    Unknown German clock

    On the way home from lunch today the wife stopped at a new shop and came home with this BF clock. I know there are many post on weight driven postman clock but very little on the spring driven variety.The clock looks complete except for the pendulum and does run. Is one of the Wag On The Wall...
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    Atkins Clock Co.

    Got a very good deal on this Little "Atkins Round Top Drop" at a small shop yesterday. The label printer was (J.B. Page, Steam Job Printer, Hartford, Ct.)1848-1860. > As you can see it has a paper dial on the original zinc pan, no paint left on the pan. Notice the date under the dial...
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    New to me Concord

    In my travels around town I have lately come across quite a few clocks with some ok price tags, but for one reason or another have passed them up. About a week ago I came across this nice original Seth Thomas, City Clock series, Concord, a deal I could not walk away from. As you can see I have...
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    Regulator #2

    Well I'm back with another wall clock !! Here are some pictures of a Seth Thomas #2 Regulator that I came across last week end for less than a $100 dollars. Was calling my name, I had to bring it home! It has quite a few problems. The weight is missing also the first 3" or so of the...
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    Information on G P Wehlen & co

    Take a look at this dial, can anyone give me any information on G P Wehlen & co. This dial is from an 1880 SETH Thomas, Queen Anne, I got this last week end. Thanks :bigsmile:
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    Another French Roulant

    My first French clock. Roulant movement? not marked by maker, nice porcelain dial with Ball Black & co as the retailer. The bezels are heavy cast brass front and back and both glasses are thick,front beveled, back flat. Came with an Ellicott style pendulum. The case is Oak with heavy beveled...
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    What company made this clock?

    Picked up this little case a few days ago and need help identifying the maker. The label has a black background with gold letters. Case is 21 1/2" tall and no movement. But still a nice case!:confused::confused: Thanks, Mikeinjax
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    Victor Tang / Help

    I sent a request to Victor Tang for one of his CD's about 4 weeks ago and again two weeks later, but have not heard from him on this matter. I sent the request through his web site and also checked his email address with the last one I used to contact him. Has anyone had any dealings or contact...
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    Ingraham Gallery

    Brought home this Ingraham Gallery clock today. 12" dial, gold colored with time only movement and what looks to be a door hinge for the wood bezel.;)

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