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    Music box can’t get it adjusted

    So I have this clock with a music box. I’ve not had this set up yet before. I can’t figure out how to set the timing up. For one, I can’t get enough run to get the pin out of the drum. If I adjust the lever on the movement downwards, it sometimes works and sometimes will not. My question is, ho...

    Older regula 1 day

    This is in a heco. I’ve not removed the movement yet. One problem is the door opens and closes when it’s cuckooing. This is the type of regula where the perch is held out by the lever on the side. Not the flag like on the newer ones. Any quick tips how to keep the door open on this one?

    Small parts request

    Where can you find the case screws to hole the cuckoo clock movements to the case? Some have different sizes as well. Also, what do you guys do to make those holes in the wood tighter if the meat head before you stripped them out. I was told to put a piece of toothpick in. Secondly, where can...

    How does one take the movement out

    There are no screws visible and the bellows are glued in. Does the front trim need to be taken off? Or do you think the screws are accessible done the back?Also, how do you get the wire to pull the second bellows down, it seems to be stopping as the wires rub.

    Cuckoo hands with minute hand bushing.

    I have a question. Old badufa movments. Minute hands have a brass bushing in the hand that cannot be removed. That goes in the shaft, and then the nut. Is there a quick fix for when the bushing turns separately from the hand? Is there something you can do? It’s supposed to be fairly tight and...

    Clock stand

    Does anyone have instruction how to make a stand on something like an a frame to set 5-10 cuckoos up .

    Why some plastic gears?

    I’ve done a bunch of herrs and regulas. Some have all brass some have 1 or two mostion work plastic gears. Don’t tell me cost. There had to be a reason that some of these movements even some of the semi old herrs had plastic gears.

    Pricing structure for cuckoo repair

    Does anyone have a pricing structure for cuckoo repair? I’m starting to get a lot of interest where I am and want to know what is fair without pricing myself out of business. I also repair many clocks that I pick up and restore them. I have them in an area in my house where I can display and...

    Grandfather clocks

    I’ve primarily worked on cuckoo clocks for the past two years and have done pretty well. I’m starting to get a lot of requests for grandfather clocks. I’ve never worked on one. What is involved in removing a movement and taking it back to my place. I don’t want to go to this persons house and...

    Other I will buy your unwanted cuckoo clocks

    Contact me if you have clocks you no longer need or will ever repair.

    Music box on older count wheel. I give up.

    I have a countwheel that I just serviced. When I took the hands off there was but, hour hand with a round hole, and then a bushing with a round hole that screwed on the square shaft. I seem to be having a lot of problems with minute hands lately. How does the minute hand stay tight but not get...

    Small gear removal

    What method do you folks use to get these small gears off of they don’t have a taper pin?

    Other Cuckoo clocks for repair

    Anyone have cuckoo clocks they have lying around they will never repair? I’ll take them. Let me know what you have to get rid of

    Loosening wood glue joint

    I have a small mini Cuckoo clock where the front section (trim and face) is glued to the rear box portion with one nail locating that front piece. Through the front. I need to take the front off to take the movement out. As the movment is held in between the front trim front plate and rear box.

    Hands for older cuckoo movement.

    I have a couple older movements stamped cuckoo clock manufacturing company. The hour tube is very thin. As usual, I have 100 hands and all the hour holes are to large to press onto the hour cannon. Black Forest lists ah08 and ah08c with an hour hand Id of 4.07mm. This seems close. Does anyone...

    Cuckoo movement assembly

    I’ve done quite a few of these at this point. Regulas , herrs, 8 days, 1 days. what do you guys use to read assemble the movement and keep the strike side where it needs to be? Do you use some sort of stand? Anything special to get the pivots where they need to be? Any tricks? Advice. I just...

    Tightening up hunters horn

    This is a fairly new clock. What is the appropriate way to tighten up the Interfaxe of this horn to the case.....

    Hubert Herr. Door sticking open

    Put the movement from this thread back in the case today: The door will randomly not close after striking. The weighted lever seems to either not being pressed down hard enough from the front warning lever, (which I adjusted slightly...

    How do you make new brass springs?

    Like the ones for gong levers and perches?

    Hubert Herr rebuild.

    I’m building a clock with a parts him. I rebuilt this older Hubert Herr Movement today. What nuts do I need between the hot hand and the outer minute hand? I can’t figure out what I need here.

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