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    Post your quartz clock matters here

    Great, any input and given input much appreciated! When i get a chance i will reattach the broken coil on the tuning fork movement snd attempt to trace the broken end on the spool, hopefully i can coax a loop free snd use the conductive glue method. Will post update. On the chrometrons i...
  2. J

    Post your quartz clock matters here

    Wonderful wonderful! I am such a fool. Im pretty handy with solder (more along the lines of brazing and lead soldering antique magicians apparatus, and soldering simple electronic switches, relays and such. Gigantic stuff compared to circuit boards snd coil wires. I take fools route-...
  3. J

    Secticon movement

    That seems like a good amount of rubber left on that wheel... this is the Achilles heel of one of the most beautiful production electro mechanical movts. If you find a solution for replacing the tread, I'd be interested how (i have a movement from a ship's clock that saw ocean voyages so it's...
  4. J

    Post your quartz clock matters here

    Here's another attempt to upload pics
  5. J

    Quartz help and general electrical help.

    New to posting: Chrometron 2000 issues Jaz tuning fork broken coil. Any help or advice appreciated The chrometron does not tick, via my rudimentary skills i can tell that voltage is reaching the crystal snd there is no voltage pulse or anything getting to the movement. A second duplicate...
  6. J

    Post your quartz clock matters here

    Not familiar with how to post but i think imester or tinker dwight can help me. Any other comments welcome. 2 clocks w issues: Chrometron 2000 i have two of these, one no tick at all, the second ticks double speed (i have not timed it but it feels double) Jaz tuning fork with broken coils...
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    jeco tuning fork hums but is stopped

    Thanks much, got both working. The reminded me,the 40 yr old youngster, that those old battery clocks often needed to be " started ". Obvious to anyone who had done it at least once in their life. The mauthe had motor back popped off and contacts were needing adjustment. Now its working...
  8. J

    jeco tuning fork hums but is stopped

    Hello, anybody know if my jeco tuningfork clock will start if it hums? i have seen a forum where someone said a capacitor needs changing? is there any hope otherwise? second clock, F Mauthe Germany? anyone know anything about these? Electric with motor and escapement? any feedback much...

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