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  1. Marty101

    Wild animal cases

    Eagles are my favorite after certain train cases.
  2. Marty101

    Wild animal cases

    Hey Jer! Nothing against Alice or dandelions...but I think perhaps the Chinese dragon is closer. :)
  3. Marty101

    Wild animal cases

    My #927 Hamilton hunter is looking for a good guess...maybe a lion?
  4. Marty101

    How remove Rust whell Omega?

    Excellent work...Darrah's advice is golden.
  5. Marty101

    Watch case polishing tools

    It's a matter of restoration I believe...saving what is there and making some repairs is enough for me...most of the time a "looking like new" highly polished case does not look right in my eyes. How long can you hide the brass on a GF case anyway? :) It's making the best of what is left...
  6. Marty101

    Sunday Hunting

    What a dial-!-thank you for making my day.
  7. Marty101

    Tip-Top Movement Pictures ... Hand Size?

    Friend, measure the outer diameter of the post the minute hand was on. Right above the hour hand.
  8. Marty101

    Another Rockford for my Collection

    Very cool balance cock-my first peek at one!
  9. Marty101


    Looks to be a part of something larger,and not a tool.
  10. Marty101

    Hamilton ELITE?

    Jerry has made me curious! Also-do the Hamilton DS full signature dials with a period signify something? Just asking, friends- I'm not at all sure...I seem to have a half memory floating around. :)
  11. Marty101

    Favorite hand sets

    Hey Jim, I like that Doc's watch a lot,and wish I had one. I'll do anything I can to help,of course. But let's clarify a little on that "open Fleuer De Lis hand" as I called it. I honesty can't tell you if it is Swiss or not,and when I called it an "open Fleur De Lis" hand I should have...
  12. Marty101

    Favorite hand sets

    Excellent! -And I agree,the hands should always compliment the dial. Usually,you see the dial and hands first. Gotta make a good impression,right?
  13. Marty101

    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    Wow-sure am glad I waited! What a beauty-again,wow. :)
  14. Marty101

    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    Getting in line here and hoping to see this heirloom....!...please come back!
  15. Marty101

    Hallmark Watch Co. - Waltham??

    -From Wickipedia- In 1885 the company name changed to the American Waltham Watch Company (AWWCo). In 1907 the company name changed to Waltham Watch Co. (WWCo), in 1923 briefly to the Waltham Watch and Clock Company and finally in 1925 to the Waltham Watch Company (WWC).[dubious – discuss]...
  16. Marty101

    Hallmark Watch Co. - Waltham??

    I believe the Hallmark Watch Co. may be the former Waltham Watch Co.. Is that true? Can anyone confirm?
  17. Marty101

    Interesting Phenomenon - Time Stands Still

    Nice not to be alone in this...
  18. Marty101

    Another ebay frustration

    Just a thought here...any pocket watch that only ran 20 hours can't be in great shape. It needs some work. On the other hand,it might be only a little work,and worth the time/money. If you clean her up,maybe replace a mainspring,you might have a winner. I know that's not for everyone. But if...
  19. Marty101

    Bluing Pocket Watch Hands - Marty B.

    The marble bed will adhere to a flat brass surface after being pre-heated,and you can flip the hands off without losing it. The plus of using that marble bed over and again is something I really like. Also,you can let your water evaporate once in a while and save that marble for reuse...
  20. Marty101

    Bluing Pocket Watch Hands - Marty B.

    Dan,are the tips catching and snapping? Maybe your range of motion is too great? You must not pass the hub or tip with the paper/finger.

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