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    Help Replacement jewels for swinger clocks

    Does anyone know where to get replacement jeweled bars for the Japanese (Linden) swinger clocks? These have a different center to center measurement for the pins than the German (Junghans) small version swingers. Or, how about, just the replacement jewels? Thanks
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    Daniel Pratt Gallery Clock

    Evening...I have received this clock - without a pendulum bob. Would anyone have a similar clock that they could post a photo of so I can get an approximate (or actual) replacement? I am assuming that when I take this apart to clean, I will not find another maker's mark on the movement, so if...
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    French Clock ID, Alternative substance under dial?

    Attached are photos of a clock I am working on. The movement is in good shape, and the pendulum has the same numbers as the movement, and the wood case only have holes associated with mounting this movement. I believe, given the "Made in France" it is post 1891 fabrication for import into the...
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    Need Clock ID and Pendulum Help

    Need some help......I recently acquired a time only clock, which I think is asian in origin (no marks or ID's that I can see). Does anyone have a clue as to the ID? Also the pendulum appears to mount separately, which is the first I have seen. The effective pendulum length is 24". I realize...
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    Removing mainspring from an Alarm Clock Spring Barrel

    How does one remove and (after cleaning/oiling) replace a mainspring in an alarm clock spring barrel? This is the type of arbor that does not have the usual tapered square (for a key), but a short threaded section that the winder screws onto. I figured the spring is small enough to be able to...
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    Winding Arbor Taper

    After spending some time going through threads, I am not sure this question has been asked. Is there a standard taper used for the squared winding arbors or does this vary by manufacturer or some other practice? Thanks

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