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    Ansonia Wall Clock - ID

    I attach some pictures of an Ansonia wall clock which I have recently acquired. Could someone, perhaps with Tran's Ansonia book, tell me the model name and approximate date? I know that there is a piece of the bottom decoration missing - if someone has a photo of the complete base, that would...
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    Alpha Sport /Le Phare

    I have some experience with clocks but I am a complete novice when it comes to watches. I attach herewith some photos of a wrist watch I have. Even though it is not easy to read, I like it very much and I wear it every day. I had a struggle to get the back off but finally managed to. The...
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    New Haven 'Standard Bearer' desk/mantel clock

    If anyone has Tran's book on New Haven clocks, could they tell me if the Standard Bearer clock (desk or mantel) was silver plated or nickel plated. All I can tell you is the information I was given: "the clock is 11 inches high and consists of a figure, about 4 inches high, in classical...
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    'Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980' - NEW EDITION

    Members may be interested to know that the 3rd edition of this important reference work by Hans-Heinrich Schmid will be published early in the new year (late January 2017). The two-volume work, which is already recognised as being a leading reference source on the German clock industry, has...
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    'Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980' - NEW EDITION

    I thought that members might be interested to know that a new (the 3rd) edition of 'Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980' by Hans-Heinrich Schmid will be published very shortly (end January 2017). This two-volume reference work is already well-known as a most comprehensive and...
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    Ansonia Porcelain Clocks - types of movements

    I am interested to know whether all (or most) of the Ansonia Royal Bonn porcelain clocks were available with visible escapements as an option. I have a La Rambla model which has not got a visible escapement but would like to know if it was sold with the option of visible visible escapement...
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    Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Serial No.

    Can anyone tell me how to date a Gledhill Brook time recorder fusee movement? The one I have is marked on the back plate Gledhill Brook Empire No. 15503. I believe there may have been some correspondence on the message board about this in the past, but I have not been able to find anything by...
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    Junghans 'Balls on Scale' 400 day clock

    I have a 400 days Junghans with 'Balls on Scale' disc pendulum (Chapter 5, Illustration No. 50 in Terwilliger's book). The back plate is 1625, not the one Terwilliger states in Chapter 5, but still correct according to his book. Can anyone help with the following questions: 1. The balls on the...
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    Replacing missing anchor pin

    Sorry if this is an elementary question, but I don't have much experience of 400 day (torsion) clocks. I have recently acquired one (back plate pattern #1439 in Terwilliger's book) which is missing its anchor pin. There is nothing left behind in the hole, so I do not need to worry about...
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    ST Sonora Chime Mantel Clock

    I recently obtained a ST Sonora Chime mantel clock which had been in a (damp) attic for years. It is in a mahagony, varnished case (not one with an Adamantine finish). The clock is in pieces, but complete and I am hoping it will restore quite nicely. The case was black when I got it, with a...
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    Hi Tommy, I think if your friend looks closely he may see that the name is FONTENOY, not Fonpenoy. Fontenoy movements are French (some are marked Made in France). I have seen only one and I don't know anything about the maker. If you go to you can see some pictures of...
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    Ansonia Clock 'speeding'

    I have an Ansonia Cabinet 'A' clock which I have renovated and everything seems to be o.k. but cannot get it to keep time. It gains 2-3 hours every day. I thought the pendulum might not be original so I bought a repro. Ansonia pendulum (3 1/2 inches as stamped on the movement. This proved to be...
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    Clock Case Restoring

    Somewhere I read of a book on restoring clock cases by Craig Burgess (I think). I haven't been able to find this book - can anyone tell me the publisher, date, etc. (and maybe confirm that I've got the author's name right)? Thanks. JTD
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    'New Life' brand Polishes

    I have read some very enthusiastic reviews of the merits of New Life brand furniture polishes (Wood Moisturizer, Cream Polish and Furniture Masque) and how good they are for restoring clock cases. Has anyone any experience of these polishes and are they really worth ordering? I'd be glad of...
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    W E Harrison Paris

    Can anyone tell me anything about a maker called W E Harrison? I have recently acquired a clock which has a movement(time and strike)signed with the Harrison name and the word Paris. It is a very well made movement, everything made out of solid brass, including the rack, and polished to a...
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    Finials for Ansonia Mantel Clock

    I have an Ansonia mantel clock identical to the one on E-Bay # 6593192309. The finials are missing. Can anyone tell me what they would have looked like so that I can try to get replacements made. Also, can anyone identify the model? Thanks for your help. JTD
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    Kundo Clock Levelling Feet

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement levelling feet that screw into the four corners of the KUNDO "Automatic" battery clock (the ones with the swing pendulum looking like the old Bulle clocks)? Grateful for any help.Thanks. JTD
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    Help with Lenzkirch clock and case i.d.

    I have a large brass mantel clock, 19.5" wide and 12" high. The movement is a Lenzkirch, with the AUG mark, with 1 million below the trademark and then the serial No. 693032. I am assuming that the serial number would really be 1.693,032 (the million being left off since the 1 million in words...
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    Identify German Trademark

    Could anyone please tell me the maker of a German regulator movement with this mark: The letters B and P with what looks like an hour hand between them, (the letters and hand are contained within a shield-shaped rectangle). I feel sure I've seen this before but I just cannot remember. Thanks...
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    British Jerome Clock

    I have recently acquired a wooden wall clock which has a label on the back saying 'British Jerome Movement Clock'. When I took the movement out I discovered that it was in fact a standard New Haven movement. As the screw holes did not seem to line up with the original holes, I assumed that the...

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