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    Another large faced 400 day

    In a previous post I was inquiring on the date of one of my clocks and this one came up, so I thought it best to have a separate post for a separate clock. I am curious about the maker and the age. I liked this one because of the 5 inch face and it is chrome. The base is only plated under the...
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    Badische plate 1015 (Hauck?)

    I finished this clock recently. Took a bit of cleaning, but was easy to get going. I am assuming it is a Hauck made for Badische, but I am sure Eric will be by to make the correct call. I was attracted by the unusually large face on it. It is easily to read from anywhere in the room with the...
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    Long time coming

    I boiught this a few months ago and have only recently gotten to it and now it is up and running. It now is among those in a place of honor in my collection. It did take a lot of cleaning! It is missing the bezel. Wondering about how many were made with this case and any comments about the...
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    Barr & Poole Barr Clock, impulse is not constant

    Hello, I have alsways wanted a Bulle and a Barr, but the prices have gotten too high for me.Just recently, I finally got a Barr with the cylindrical pendulum. It is running, but the problem is that sometimes the pendulum swings 8 or 12 or 24 times before it kicks and sometimes it has to give it...
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    Jahresuhrenfabrik in crystal regulator case

    Recently acquired a crystal regulator, JUF, it took some cleaning and one tooth straightening on the escape wheel and now seems to be running well. However, because I had to remove the movement, I noticed a couple of things that make me question if it is totally original. When I removed the...
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    jefferson golden secret motor making noise

    Hello,. I started hearing a high pitched, rubbing sound coming from my golden secret. I have take the motor out and taken off the brass colored housing. I see no other way to progress further. Is there anything I can try? It sounds like the disc shaped part is perhaps rattling or rubbing. I...
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    kundo electromagnetic with weak pulse

    I have what I would guess to be a late 60's or 70's electromagnetic clock under the Benchmark manufacturing name. However, the movement is labeled with the Kieninger Obergfell logo and looks like the typical electromagnetic Kundo variety with the transistor board. My problem is that it still...
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    My "new" Gustav Becker

    Always wanted one of these. I would prefer the complete shield dial, but this one still makes me happy. I got it a few weeks ago and I only had to hang the suspension and adjust and off she went. I am about to start a tear down and cleaning. For the records, the serial # is 2141180. What year...
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    Need help with suspension

    Here are pictures of the suspension that goes with a clock I will soon be working on, discussed in a previous post. The problem for me is what to do with the flat piece in the bracket. First, I don't even know for sure if i can even remove it. It is secured by posts into holes in the bracket. I...
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    My new Jahresuhren

    I just received this Jahresuhren, Looks to be plate 1439. i was attracted to it because of the wooden base, the three ball pendulum, and the circle cut out in the crown. So, first: the base looks old and turned like the old bases done in brass, so I am hoping it belongs; does it? Second, the 3...
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    Tiffany Tiffany Neverwind suspension

    Hello, just took delivery on a 1100. I have only worked on the slightly bigger version once and it was only to get the minute hands to start advancing as the clock ran. The one I have now hums and the fork kind of jumps when the contact is made so I am hoping the coils are fine. I need to...
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    Kundo Kundo Electromagnetic

    Hello, I have a Kundo electromagnetic clock that just seems to have run out of power. It is the model that is basically a big white eight inch circle with a see through center on a brass base. I know the model also comes with the dial in black instead of the white. It has run quite well for...
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    Decrepit Becker

    Got this Becker a few months ago for probably the opposite reason most would want one for: I wanted the four ball pendulum version. It obviously is going to take a lot of elbow grease when I get to it! In addition to the usual request for its date, I have a few questions about some oddities...
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    Another Staiger 8 day

    I just finished my Kaiser Grand Universe, so I went to the other end of the spectrum to fix a little 8 day Staiger I had just purchased. It arrived broken into pieces, but the seller was nice enough to reimburse me. So, after some bending and gluing, it looks acceptable, but obviously not...
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    ato coil, is there any place to get one?

    Probably a decade ago I happened upon an ATO electromagnetic clock, the early one with the seconds hand at an antique store in the bargain bin. The guy told me that he could never fix it and that was why it was there at such a reasonable price. In my naivete I thought how hard could it be to fix...
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    Couple of questions about my new atmos

    While taking my father-in-law out over the holidays we went to a few antique stores. In one I saw a square-faced Atmos sitting on a table at what I knew to be a good price. It was running and then I saw that everything was 20% off. I could not walk away without it. After getting it balanced at...
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    seth thomas 48N and #5

    I have a loose support to the arm of the rack on my 48N. I have seen a picture of the #5 front movement plate and they look the same. Are the front plates of these two movements the same? Thanks in advance.
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    Junghans swinger click spring

    The click spring is busted on my Junghans swinger; the small Diana model. I see similar parts in the TimeSavers inventory, but am really not sure if they match or not. Could someone tell me what I need to buy? Thanks
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    MasterCrafter's square mystery clock case

    I recently acquired the Fantasy square mystery clock, but the case is not in the best of shapel there is visible bumpy, I would guess, oxidation. How would I clean this without removing the finish? It looks like a golden paint, probably./
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    MasterCrafter's Mystery clock loses time

    I always liked the square mystery clock; I guess because the square had me puzzled until I read how it worked. Anyhow, I just purchased the square MasterCrafter's mystery clock, which I believe is the Fantasy model, and it runs, but loses time. I am not sure if it loses at a steady rate or...

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