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    Guilmet Mystery Clock

    I have a number of Guilmet swinging arm clocks and an upside down swinger clock by Guilmet. What do you need to know?
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    Replacing Broken Atmos Chain

    Hi-One of my two Atmos clocks recently stopped working. It had been professionally repaired 2 years back. After some investigation, I noticed that the chain had snapped midway along its length. I was able to remove the bellows cover and re-attach the chain after fixing the broken link...
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    French French Swinger Clock

    Hi George-Just saw your post. If you haven't managed to fix the suspension block or get running, let me know. I've replaced too many suspension springs over the years. I'm a French swinging arm clock collector who has had to learn the ropes the hard way. I have 5 Guilmet swing arm clocks and...
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    E. Howard Tower Clock Models

    Thanks for the interest. Here are a few additional ones with better lighting.
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    E. Howard Tower Clock Models

    Hi-I have, what I believe to be, a Howard Model 1 (or 2) with a Dennison escapement. It doesn't seem to be marked and may have had one of its main plates replaced in the distant past. One of the main wheels is stamped "Boston". Any help to confirm or tell me where I might be able to get help...
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    G Blanford Watch

    Hi David-Just sent you an email at the above address with a link to a Geo Blandford gold pocket watch I found at a recent auction. Hope you like the pic (item 155). Schmidt's Antiques Inc. Since 1911 - SPRING CLOCK AND WATCH AUCTION. Mark
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    Heavy Antique Clock Weight for Tavern Clock

    Hi-I'm looking for a heavy (12-16 lb) clock weight for an English Tavern clock. Preference for one which is wider than tall to maximize wind time. Any ideas?

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