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  1. Kenny S.

    Waltham 1889 4th wheel question

    You are correct Jerry. I had it backwards. LOL. That's embarrassing.
  2. Kenny S.

    Waltham 1889 4th wheel question

    Update: What I failed to mention in the first post was that the mainspring was broken and needed replaced. No problem there. Then I noticed the little gear just spinning freely on the 4th wheel shaft so I thought it had worked loose. Well it had. By design!! The gear is threaded onto the shaft...
  3. Kenny S.

    Waltham 1889 4th wheel question

    I recently acquired a nice 1889 movement that has a few issues. The small gear under the 4th wheel spins on its shaft so I'm replacing it with a donor from another 1889. When I installed the donor wheel I noticed it has some drag or resistance to turning in its pivot. I'm guessing this is bad...
  4. Kenny S.

    Main spring wound tight.

    Been there, done that too many times to count... Me too.
  5. Kenny S.

    Should have asked this sooner

    I believe this could work provided the hole isn't so enlarged that there is "play" or slop between the hole and the arbor. Then there wouldn't be any concern of it going off center like Graham and Skutt were pointing out.
  6. Kenny S.

    Bunn Special Mean Time Screw Stuck with Shellac

    So the screws weren't loose going back in? That is very strange unless someone was trying to eliminate the possibilty of the screws moving, but wouldn't the extra weight not to mention the different amounts between the two sides cause a problem?
  7. Kenny S.

    trouble with waltham model 92 grade 845

    The problem I have encountered with this movement, and I have several, is if the mainspring was replaced with an incorrect one, or one that is slightly taller than it should be. This will cause the MS barrel to sit high and therefore the plate will not seat correctly. I'm talking .01"-.015" of...
  8. Kenny S.

    Hairspring Help!

    No, the spring got tangled from the force of the compressed air blowing on it. I then removed the wheel from the balance to try to untangle it. It sounds like you're saying to take it a step further and completely remove the spring from the wheel, and then insert a piece of plastic to try and...
  9. Kenny S.

    Hairspring Help!

    I really screwed the pooch on this one. Committed a cardinal sin I believe. After removing the balance cock from the watch I placed it in a separate cage and placed it and the movement in my Watchmaster. No problems until I decided to use canned air to "gently" blow off the remaining solution...
  10. Kenny S.

    watch cleaning

    Top right corner, between Business Directory and Shop.
  11. Kenny S.

    watch cleaning

    I used to use lighter fluid to clean dirty watches, This was when I first started out and yes it does work, but it's a cheap, shortcut way to do the job correctly as Rob alluded to. I now have a Watchmaster Ultrasonic cleaner with the correct chemicals to clean and rinse my movements. This is...
  12. Kenny S.

    UV Adhesive Won't Cure?

    Hmm... I'm surprised this works for you. Most windows filter UV light. I put mine in direct sunlight, here in Colorado we get 300 days of sunshine annually so I'm pretty fortunate most days. It's cured clear and strong within 15-20 minutes. I've always been very happy with the results.
  13. Kenny S.

    Should I restore my grandfathers Elgin Pocket Watch

    Total agreement with the above statements. Definitely get a second opinion. Looks like Rob will help you out. I almost choked on my breakfast when I read that!:confused:
  14. Kenny S.

    Should I restore my grandfathers Elgin Pocket Watch

    I'm so sorry for your loss Andrea, I know the feeling. I just lost my mom Sept. 4th to dementia. But really, no apologies necessary, as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Kenny S.

    Should I restore my grandfathers Elgin Pocket Watch

    Andrea, I have been following this thread from the beginning and I just want to say that in the end, as long as your grandfather's watch is running properly and you're happy, that's all that really matters. Early on, I joined this forum after I purchased a pocket watch because it had my...
  16. Kenny S.

    Scrap or Repair? 2x 14K Swiss Repeaters circa 1890

    I have to agree with the above sentiments. Even if you don't repair them, I would keep them. Once you scrap them, they're gone forever, and nothing can change that. You can always hang onto them and decide to fix them (or not) at a later date. They are wonderful keepsakes at any rate.
  17. Kenny S.


    Very nice Bill! I usually give my movements a day or 3 to "settle in" before I make too many adjustments. It's just something I do, don't know if it's based in anything scientific tho.
  18. Kenny S.


    +1 Unless the watch is running flawlessly, I always clean a watch after I receive it and before making any serious adjustments. My limited experience is the watch is always dirty and a good cleaning fixes most slow/fast running issues.
  19. Kenny S.

    American PW Hands not advancing on my Crescent St.

    Ok. Canon pinion adjustment is in order then. I do have a K&D staking tool set from 1902. Beautiful set really, with the glass dome and all, almost a work of art in and of itself. (I should post a pic) Anyway, I have seen what Jerry is referring to and I have access to precision gage pins...

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