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  1. Shawn Moulder

    Other Looking for a 6/0 stem

    I don't know what the specific term for the type of stem I need but it's a ball joint stem type I need. The picture in this posting shows a stem for a 10 ligne stem Waltham. If one notice the male part of the stem moves around. I need one for a 6/0 watch case.
  2. Shawn Moulder

    Favorite Watch Inscription

    I don't own many watches with inscriptions on them but here is my favorite one.
  3. Shawn Moulder

    An unusual dial Waltham

    When it comes to American made wristwatches it's unusual to see factory dials with gem stones set into them, and the ones you do see are usually jobber cased watches that are not factory. Hamilton is one of the few American watch companies to offer factory dials with diamonds set into them. On...
  4. Shawn Moulder

    Other Looking for an ornate Elgin 0 dial open face

    Looking to purchase an ornate Elgin 0 size dial for an open face movement. I can find all the hunter face dials for an Elgin 0 size but not for open face. Thanks
  5. Shawn Moulder

    Other girard perregaux gyromatic 42.2 date movement

    Want to buy a good running girard perregaux gyromatic 42.2 date movement. Prefer the 17 jewel version but also 39 jewel. Please send message if you have one for sale.
  6. Shawn Moulder

    Information on silver watch

    Can anyone provide information on this silver watch? Thanks
  7. Shawn Moulder

    Information on L Meroz Hurst dials for Waltham

    Does anyone know information on L Meroz Hurst dials for Waltham? I have a nice ornate dial for a 14 size Waltham movement. I'm assuming Waltham outsourced their metal dials from the swiss.
  8. Shawn Moulder

    Who made this Elgin watch case?

    Does anyone have an idea who made this Elgin watch case. The only markings the case has is 18k, 10343, Cased and Timed by Elgin National Watch Co. The case has no manufacturing makers mark. Thanks
  9. Shawn Moulder

    Information on fusee

    Can anyone tell me about this English fusee? Thanks
  10. Shawn Moulder

    Fusee watch information.

    I think I just caught the fusee bug. I recently bought a third fusee watch and looking for information about it. I assuming the case to be American made. The case and movement have the same number on it. Any information would be appreciated.
  11. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Waltham model 1883 Screw

    Does anyone have a Waltham model 1883 screw that holds the plate over the winding wheel? In the picture I have the area circle where I broke the screw at that I need.
  12. Shawn Moulder

    Pateck Geneve Cylinder 4 Rubis?

    I know this is not a real Patek watch, but could anyone tell me information about this watch? I know it's a swiss bar movement watch. I would like to really know the age of the watch, I would presume 1870s to 1890s? Also can anyone explain the lack of a pallet fork on this movement?
  13. Shawn Moulder

    Information about my English Fusee

    Can anyone tell me anything about my English fusee? Would like to know when it was made and by who? Thanks.
  14. Shawn Moulder

    Interchangeable winding clutch for Movado 470 470

    Are their any other interchangeable calibers with the Movado 470? I'm having trouble finding a winding clutch and wonder if their might be other calibers that are interchangeable. The winding clutch on my watch has damage teeth.
  15. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Clutch for Movado 470

    Does anyone have a winding clutch for a Movado 470? I need a replacement for mine. Thanks
  16. Shawn Moulder

    New Haven Calendar Clock broken winding arbor

    Is their anyway to repair this broken winding arbor on this New Haven calandar clock movement? If I can't get this repair are their any other New Haven movements that are interchangeable that I can swap parts with? Thanks
  17. Shawn Moulder

    Gruen 370 Mainspring

    Can anyone provide information?! Do they make alloy mainsprings for a Gruen 370 curvex? If so what is the part number and where can I buy one?
  18. Shawn Moulder

    Any iformation on my first fusee????

    I usually don't buy non American watches, but I broke down and finally bought a fusee. Can anyone shed light on my fusee? I would like to know what time period my fusee was made, I'm ssuming 1790s to around the 1820s? I would also like to know if the movement appears to be French, Swiss or English?
  19. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Need balance staff for 50th Gruen Anniversary pocket watch

    Does anyone have a Gruen 50th Anniversary balance staff?
  20. Shawn Moulder

    Clock feet and pillar metal finish Seth Thomas

    Can anyone provide any information on what I need to do to bring the metal feet and columns back to the original finish? When my friend was polishing the clock the original plate came off and now the feet and columns are copper color and do not match the lion face anymore.

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