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  1. Les harland

    Time piece age

    Out of curiosity if I were to put an old movement into a different case would the age of the clock or watch be:- The age of the movement , case or when I put them together?
  2. Les harland

    K Serkisoff

    The name K Serkisoff comes up regularly when people talk about Billodes or the Turkish market in the late 1880s / early 1900s Can any one post a picture or any details of him I am curious as to what he looked like
  3. Les harland

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Sorry about no horological link There weren't many clocks around in 950 when the Church was built
  4. Les harland

    New Years Resolutions

    It is time to make one's new years resolutions again I usually resolve not to buy any more clocks or watches My most successfull resolution lasted about a week before I succumbed to temptation Has any one got an original excuse for breaking a resolution in a week or less?
  5. Les harland

    Small winder

    Is there any easy way to wind a watch with a small winder? I have just bought a 1918 trench watch The winder is 3/16" in diameter and very thin My fingers are too big to wind it easily and my universal size pocket watch winder is too small
  6. Les harland

    New years Eve

    Big Ben is only chiming occasionaly at the moment due to both the clock and the tower being overhauled It chimed last night It would not be New Years Eve without Big Ben sounding midnight
  7. Les harland

    New year's resolution

    The New Year will soon be upon us How long do you expect your resolution not to buy any more clocks or watches to last this time? This year , 2017, I lasted about a fortnight before I bought a watch I am not sure I will do any better next year
  8. Les harland

    Big Ben silent

    Big Ben will be silent from noon on the 2st August until sometime in 2021 This is due to a major restoration project It will still chime On Remembrance day and New years Eve There will be scaffolding round the tower One face will be visible throughout the project, the hands will be driven by an...
  9. Les harland

    outer case

    What is the outer case on a pair case watch meant to do? This is a question I was asked yesterday Hunter cases are obviously meant to protect the watch if the wearer falls off their horse A pair case does not appear to offer much more protection than a normal case
  10. Les harland

    Bulls eye glass

    Were the "bulls eye glasses" used in older pocket watches a fashion or was it something to do with the way they were made?
  11. Les harland

    Keeping dirt out

    I have just bought a pair case verge without the outer case I would like to wear it occasionally Is there anything I can use to block or cover the winding hole to keep dirt out?
  12. Les harland

    Big Ben

    In 2017 the Elizabeth Tower (aka Big Ben) is going to undergo a three year renovation programme This includes the clock face I get the impression that even if the clock is working Big Ben may be silent The web site is not very clear
  13. Les harland

    Windows 10

    I have two laptops One is an HP Compaq 700 with Windows 7 Starter on it The other is an HP MEG1RT 3k with windows 10 on it I have no problems using The Forum with the Compaq When I try to use it with Windows 10 all is OK until I log in When I log in the dark Blue NAWCC header appears twice one...
  14. Les harland

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a purchase?

    Have you found something you bought better than expected? For example I bought what I thought was a quartz pocket watch from a Russian submarine tourist attraction in Folkestone Kent I pleasantly surprised to find it was Molnya mechanical watch
  15. Les harland

    Clock speeding up as it winds down

    I have a Smiths Astral ships clock bought, in Lowestoft an East coast UK fishing port, a few years ago it lasts eight days It keeps good time for the first two or three days and then gets faster and faster as for the last five days What is causing this? Is it easy to fix? I am a novice when it...
  16. Les harland

    Pair case watch

    How long were pair case watches made for? I have just bought one made by P Cetti of Wellington Shropshire UK London Hallmark 1872 It has an fusee English lever movement with a solid balance wheel Loomes lists P Cetti working from 1841 to 1879 1872 seems a bit late to me
  17. Les harland

    slow pendulum clock

    I have an English 1830s drop dial clock The pendulum nut is is up as far as it will go. The clock is still losing two or three minutes a day What is the best way to make it more accurate?
  18. Les harland

    Illinois Watch case Co

    Did the Illinois Watch case Co make their own movements? I have a gold coloured hunter There are no markings on the face The inside of the back cover is marked Illinois Watch Case co Elgin USA The inside of the dustcover is marked Gold filled guarenteed to wear ten years The movement is...
  19. Les harland

    hands not moving

    I have a 1930s swiss lever pocket watch, stem wind stem set It has seconds hand at six O'clock The seconds hand moves Ok, the main hands do not move at all Is this easy to fix? when setting the hands they move very easily almost as something is loose or worn Les

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