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    Bent escape wheel teeth

    Picked up a supposedly E.N. Welch Gingerbread clock for 30 bucks just to play a round with. Opened it up and found a generic no name movement with this escape wheel. These teeth seem to be rolled over in the opposite direction than I would expect. Bent tips are hitting on the pallets and the...
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    Silas Hoadley count wheel drive pinion

    I recently acquired a Silas Hoadley tall case from the early 1900's I believe. Unfortunately when I got it home I discovered that the count wheel drive pinion was missing. It looks like I will have to make one but was wondering about the number of teeth? It also seem that the original would have...
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    RG Clock Maker

    Anyone have any info on this clock maker? I just picked up a nice 2 weight regulator with this trademark,
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    Silas Hoadley Wood Movement Pinion

    I recently picked up this Silas Hoadley tall clock for $500 which I thought was a good deal till I discovered that the count wheel drive pinion was missing. I have a wood carver willing to make a new one and was wondering if anyone here could send me or post a pattern with some dimensions...
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    My Latest Find. "Southern Calendar Fashion Clock"

    Picked this up from Facebook Marketplace this morning for only $200. It is a one family owned clock since new and very well taken care of. It even has original promissory note receipt dated Oct 4th 1879. Cost of the clock was $36.Interest was 6% if not paid in full within 12 months. Everything...
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    Early Atmos Soldered Bellows

    I have an early Atmos, SN 8901, in for repair that has a flat bellows that is soldered in. I was wondering if I could just replace the whole unit with a similar 4 post one from a newer model. If no,t I guess I will have to send it out. That's probably what I will end up doing just to keep it...
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    Villinger Hausuhrenfabrik Grandfather Clock Info

    Hi All. Looking for any information on this clock I picked up today. Cabinet looks to be Villinger Hausuhrenfabrik and movement is marked Erh. Lauterbach Sonneberg, Thur. The movement is built like a tank and weighs 8 pounds not including seatboard and chains. The spiral design on the pendulum...
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    Kieninger Cable Replacement

    Hello All. I am looking to confirm if I have to split the plates on this Kieninger movement to replace the cables? I am a hobbiest and have rebuilt an Urgos triple chime but only once. Having a little anxiety over doing that again. I do have experience with American T & S and French movements...
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    Inside The Plate Bushings ??

    Picked up a round top Junghans grandfather today from the early 1900's and ran into these when I pulled the movement. Has anyone run across bushings like these before? They appear to be inside the plate with a stub locked into the original pivot hole and cover the entire arbor rather than just...
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    Clock ID

    Anyone have a clue to the maker of this clock. I was thinking EN Welch? I am thinking about purchasing it for a good price but this picture is all the info the seller has.
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    NAWCC Logo

    Just wondering if anyone could give me some dates as to when this logo would have been used. It is on a clock I picked up today.
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    Phillip Hass and Sohnes Movement ?

    A customer brought this on in yesterday and I told her I would try and look up some history for her. From the board I think I have discovered that it appears to be a Phillip Haas and Sohnes. The hare appears on the front of the movement and on the gong along with the PHS trademark. There is no...
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    Colonial 5 Tube and Trademark ID

    Anyone have any idea on the age of this? I picked it up yesterday in order to salvage it from the dumpster. On inspection I can see the Colonial MFG. Co. on the back and also the words Miller Germany around a clock dial trademark logo. I have not saw this trademark before and I thought Colonial...
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    Thankful for my clock repair experience

    Just a quick post to thank this board and everyone who contributes from it. If not for this board and my clock experience I would never knew how or attempted to remove and replace these Victor Victrola motor springs. These monsters are 1 1/4 x .015 x 17 feet long. More than a little scary.
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    International Time Recorder Date/Information

    Looking for date and information on this ITR clock I just acquired. The serial number appears to be 2328. It is stamped on several pieces of the case but not on the movement. The only research I could find started the serial numbers at 55000 beginning in 1917. Also the punch card unit has the...
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    GB Grandfather Clock Information Wanted

    Hi All, Looking for any info and date on this Gb clock I just picked up. I fell in love with the spiral columns on the front corners. Needs a whole lot of love but I think it will be worth it. Thanks Don
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    Lenzkirch Movement Suspension Spring

    Looking for some info on this movement. Mainly, did it ever have a suspension spring and is that barrel on the end of the verge/crutch the only pendulum bob? The rod is threaded and the barrel will move up and down for adjustment. Never saw one without some form of suspension for the pendulum...
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    Gustav Becker Logo and date.

    Looking for a little Info on this Becker movement that I picked up today. Serial # is 218316 and appears to be from late 1879 according to John Hubby's database. My question is the GB logo. The anchor appears to be double stamped. I can make out the Frieberg with In Schl underneath it and 2...
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    Cailleaux French Movement

    Hello All, I am looking for any information anyone may have on this French clockmaker. I believe the makers name is Cailleaux and the bronzer is Jean-Francois Deniere. Not much that I could find on the web other than they teamed up to build some very exclusive clocks that were intended for the...
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    Do I have a French/German marriage??

    I am looking for some info on this movement. I picked up this French Bakers clock today and was expecting the typical French square movement, but to my surprise it appears to be a Kienzle movement circa 1900. There are no extra holes in the backboard and it appears to be very old and original...

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