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    Franklin Tall Case Clock

    i have a complete Franklin electric clock movement. The coil windings had multiple breaks so the only solution was to disassemble the coil frame and rewind the coil. Two questions- 1. has anybody figured an easy (haha) way to interleave the steel plates to bring the two halves together? 2. Is...
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    Wallace electric Clock Solenoid

    I have been having issues trying to get my Wallace Electric battery clock set up. I also own two others in working condition. Does anyone out there have a movement or solenoid for sale? It seems the 3 volt induced current electromagnet is not as strong as my others. I have fashioned several...
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    George S. Tiffany Electric Clock

    I recently purchased an early Tiffany Never-Wind with a date of 1912 stamped on the wooden battery separator in the base. The dial has "George S Tiffany Electric Clock" in script on a porcelain 3.75" dial with "three leaf clover" hands of correct proportion. The dial is supported by two round...
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    Chelsea Tambour #5 dark brown finish

    I recently acquired the above clock. I want to refinish the case to the original dark brown finish. What material should I use, gun blue? Any secrets to getting the right look? I have all the polishing/buffing equipment so it won't be a hack job with steel wool and brasso. Can I lacquer it when...

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