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  1. manfromblan

    My Aching Back

    Hello, am in my early 70's and am having terrible time sitting at my clock bench. After a couple of hours i am in pain. Has gotten progressively worse last couple of years. Have a standard watchmakers bench and my chair is height/back adjustable & padded. Have tried adapting couple of...
  2. manfromblan

    Luman Watson Shelf Clock - Originally Grain Painted???

    This Luman Watson with Cincinnati label has been stripped & refinished with the columns and blocks still attached. Starting to restore this case and found this grain painting finish after removing the columns. Could this be the original finish, does anyone know if Watson grain paint some cases...
  3. manfromblan

    Problem with KWM Bushing Machine

    Just received a new center shaft (timesavers) for my bushing machine. Have had this machine 30 years & have replaced the shaft couple of times before. The one I just got is the OD of the shaft is too large to fit my machine, also the tool holder end the ID is too small & unable to accept any of...
  4. manfromblan

    Grand Sonnerie Info Please

    Looking for any info on this clock. The dial says" Andreas Muller in Prag". Is a silk thread suspension. Is missing the calendar function, dial & hand. Could only find one reference on an " A Muller" becoming a master in 1726. This is a customer's clock & he is interested in any info, thanks.
  5. manfromblan

    Other Asa Munger

    Looking for an Asa Munger in original condition, thanks
  6. manfromblan

    Early Czech Mvmt Strike Question

  7. manfromblan

    Another Hall of Shame Contender

    Some great engineering with the verge &suspension. Unusual piece on the hour cannon, almost looks like a watch part. Nice MS repair
  8. manfromblan

    Canadian Tall Case Info

    Cannot find any info on this Canadian Woodworks. Found the city is located across the river from Montreal. Name on dial is I. Dalleray Longueuil Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Wayne
  9. manfromblan

    Bandstand Clock - Need Help

    Have a Bandstand clock in for repair with a disc pendulum and broken suspension spring. Found the back plate in the Horolovar book. It corresponds to both the Urania & Selsi round movements. It lists the spring strength @.0035 but it does not list any unit number that shows the correct length...
  10. manfromblan

    Compass Clock Co.

    Have a friend that has a short drop type wall clock with "regulator" on the bottom glass. He wanted to know when it was made. I am guessing around 1970, believe it is an India or Korean repro, has compass clock co stamped on movement along with a compass stamped on the lower leg. Anyone have...
  11. manfromblan

    Hermle to Jauch weights

    Will a set of Hermle 451 weights (6,6 lbs) work for a Jauch 77 movement?
  12. manfromblan

    Any Idea on the Make of this tall Clock and Movement

    I've had this tall clock for several years. Ladder chain movement, strikes on large flat spiral gong, has good sound. T/S Movement has bridge above the escape wheel to mount a deadbeat verge. Only mark om movement is a 3. No marks on dial or case. Looks like American 20 - 40s. Any help...
  13. manfromblan

    Looking for bulliten article - restoring/cleaning alabaster case

    There was a recent article in the Bulletin about the steps taken to clean a French alabaster case. Have tried using the index and looking through my past issues with no luck. Can anyone tell me what issue this was in? Thanks,
  14. manfromblan

    Unusual Ingraham Movement

    Have never seen this setup before, anyone know what it is used for
  15. manfromblan

    Cuckoo Nails

    Anyone know the size or where to purchase the small size nails/brads used on cuckoo clocks, like to fasten the dial etc? Thanks
  16. manfromblan

    Cuckoo Wire

    Anyone know where to buy the correct type/strength of wire that is used in cuckoo clocks, lifting wires etc? Most utility type wire is too soft, easily bent.
  17. manfromblan

    Harmful website notification?

    When logging in to this site get a notification that it is a harmful website. The notification then pops up on every time i click on a different topic. What can i do to correct?
  18. manfromblan

    Kienzle 2 Weight Chime clock

    Have this Kienzle in for repair and hoping someone is familiar with this movement. From the trademark it appears to be 1939 or later. Only has 2 weights but plays 4 notes on the quarter, 8 notes on the half, 12 notes on the three quarter - then no chime at the top of the hour - strikes the...
  19. manfromblan

    What am I doing wrong??

    Frequently get 400 day clocks in for repair. More often than not the suspension spring is damaged or broke. Have a stock of Horolovar suspension springs, the Horolovar book and a jig to make new springs. The jig can be set up to make the correct length spring and the placement of the fork...
  20. manfromblan

    Unkown chime

    Have a German wall clock in for repair. Dial & wind up movement are unmarked. The clock appears to be 1970's - 80's with beveled glass in the door like an older GB. It has a chime sequence I've never heard before. The best example I can give is at 15 minutes after the four notes it plays...

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