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    Should I replace this Maximus dial?

    This is something that has bugged you for 50 years. Why not switch the dials and see how you feel about it in six months or so? You can always switch it back. You aren't hurting or modifying anything and it's all your stuff anyway. Enjoy playing with your toys!
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    Waltham-Howard research

    What a classy watch - beautiful!
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    J. for Jack L. for Laura E. for Eddie 3 New Waterbury Series E. J. & L.

    Too fun! I love the Waterbury logo - "Co" becoming WoW! Sweet watches, too!
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    Elgin Ferguson Dial - What watch does it go with?

    I love the dial! They seem so whimsical.
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    Would you repeat that, please?

    I had the repeater serviced and while the dial was off I took this quick little video. I hope you enjoy!
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    National American Railroad Pocket Watch Day April 18th

    Happy NARRPW Day!!! :):cool::) This is my first and still favorite watch. I've owned and packed it for almost 30 years. Runs darned near dead on accurately.
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    Whats your single favorite pocket watch in your collection?

    You guys are just blowing me away - and putting a big grin on my face! Such beautiful creations from the hand of Man and his genius, ingenuity, creativity and industry bestowed upon him from the mind of the Almighty.
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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    So cool! I like when the Montgomerys have either the '6' or '18' or both in the seconds dial. Maybe Elgin should have called it "Elginvar." ;)
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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    That's for sure! Being another newbie to this site I'm continually amazed at the enormous variety of these incredible machines. I'm also amazed at the depth of knowledge represented by the good folks here. Add to that the camaraderie, willingness to share said knowledge and patience with the...
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    A.W.W.Co. Power Reserve indicator...

    My casual observation has been that the 18s Vanguards had a 36 hr wind chapter and the 16s had the 24. Am I on the right track here? luvsthetick: Is yours an 18s? The bulk of my modest collection is of 16s Vanguard UP and D'Ns. All of them point to '0' when fully wound. Will be posting pix...
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    Introduction and Waltham 1884

    Hi Richiec - Not to put down the newest V6 Mustangs they'd smoke my older V8s! I do have a '90 V8 closing in on 500K. Don't mean to highjack my own thread, so let's talk cars sometime! Thanks for the clarification on the 1884.
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    Waltham equity 17s

    How on earth could they make a profit selling a watch for $6.00??? Cool stuff!
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    Introduction and Waltham 1884

    I'm not sure! ;) Yes, I've heard the "sidewinder" term used with an askance look, but this case is so nicely made it makes me think the OO wanted it that way. Might have been a financial decision - like buying a 6-cylinder Mustang. I'll probably go with that so I can sleep at night. Speaking of...
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    Introduction and Waltham 1884

    Hello All - I'm new to the forum - posted a thread about a Vanguard "Sidereal" watch earlier. So a brief history - My dad gave me a dime store PW which I loved as a kid, then later I was mesmerized by one of his friend's collection which included some beautiful repeaters. Maybe 30 years ago I...
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    Best Waltham sidereal?

    To paraphrase Dr. McCoy, I'm a flute player not an astronomer! The more I read about Sidereal Time the more complicated it gets. It seems there is local apparent sidereal time, local mean sidereal time and time zone sidereal time to choose from. Then you can always just go with Greenwich...
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    Best Waltham sidereal?

    Thanks, Paul. I agree the dial is super nice. It's just that the movement is a little crusty.
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    Best Waltham sidereal?

    Hi All - New to the Forum. Lapsed NAWCC member:oops: I'm mostly interested in RR watches and got stuck on Waltham Vanguards w wind indicators. I not-so recently came across this one, started a search for Waltham Sidereal watches and low-and-behold landed here. How does this one fit with what you...

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