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  1. Paul Sullivan

    Do you still have the first pocket watch you collected?

    While I had started collecting some wrist watches in my mid 40's unlike most I didn't start collecting pocket watches until my late fifties less than 12 years ago. Prior to that I did have two pocket watches I inherited from my dad when he passed in 1992. One was a Unitas 6498 Colibri HC I...
  2. Paul Sullivan

    American PW Ball / Waltham model 1899 17 jewel parts.

    Gentlemen, I have an early Ball Waltham 17j movement at my watch maker for service and he found that the upper balance jewel is cracked needs to be replaced. I looked through a 1908 Waltham parts catalog, but saw no mention of the Ball 1899 model. Is it correct to assume (outside of the...
  3. Paul Sullivan

    Worse Chronometer makers job? Fusee chain making.

    Actor Tony Roberts did a series of programs in the U.K. awhile back called "Worst jobs in History" this particular episode had to do with "Worst Maritime Jobs". Most are pretty apparent, but about halfway through the program navigation comes in from finding latitude to longitude ( skipping...
  4. Paul Sullivan

    Will the real Premier please stand up!

    For two years or more my interest in collecting has been concentrated on 18s Hamilton pocket watches, mainly so because many of their 18s models were produced with serial numbers at or below 824700, which is the last entry of the scanned hand written Hamilton ledgers. With the ledgers...
  5. Paul Sullivan

    Correct palette for Mod. 1892 Royal #7538126 single roller.

    Hi, I recently purchased an 18s model '92 Royal which stopped when placed FD. I brought it to my watch maker along with an earlier short bal. staff (as I assumed this was the problem), but as it turned out the staff was fine and it was the pivot on the palette arbor was broken. This Royal...
  6. Paul Sullivan

    Main Spring information.

    Gentlemen, I'm hoping to help a friend find a MS for a recent purchase he is restoring. He's not computer or internet savvy so I'm hoping to get some help. This is the information he gave me on the watch: I.W.C. Caliber 52 18 Lignes. Information on the broken spring: W: 2.25mm x L: 21" x...
  7. Paul Sullivan

    Suitable mainspring winders for 18s & 16s pocket watches.

    I am looking to get a K&D M.S. winder for 16s and 18s pocket watches. I have a 126, but it's really only good for 12s and smaller. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the K&D 125A Robbin's and 128? I know allot of people use the 128, but am wondering about the 125A, and would it...
  8. Paul Sullivan

    Well this is embarassing!

    I've been away from the hobby for about a year, but a desire to do more research and improve the database information on my collection, has sparked my interest again. In any event, I want to access the scanned Hamilton hand written ledgers, i.e. the scanned pages up to about serial no. 800,000...
  9. Paul Sullivan

    Illinois "King Special" 18s Grade 89 model 6 17j LS

    I'm looking for more information and feedback on this watch. Serial number is 1864910 putting the manufacture date about 1906. It has "King Special" on the dial and also the barrel bridge, gilt lettering and screws, and "adjusted" marked under the balance. Poking around my copy of the "Illinois...
  10. Paul Sullivan

    Hamilton 952 (#1625742)

    Recently (well back in October) I purchased a 952 bridge model to add to my Hamilton collection. While I have allot of Hamiltons this was my first bridge model. At present it keeps about -30 sec. per day, but needs a cleaning and MS replacement. It came in a 10k GF Wadsworth case in very good...
  11. Paul Sullivan

    992E in the wrong case.

    I bought this watch in August 2011, a few months after I first started collecting. It was one of my first high grade Hamiltons and at the time I wasn't paying much attention to cases. A few months later, after I learned more, and was starting to catalog my watches, I realized this was a a case...
  12. Paul Sullivan

    Member resources. Changes in the Hamilton grade catalog.

    Ok, so maybe I should have posted this in "Member input", but generally that section is a bit moribund so I thought I'd put it here. I've noticed there has been a change in the member resources on the Hamilton digital lists. In the past you could access it for the serial numbers, agent catalog...
  13. Paul Sullivan

    Elgin 18s grade 279 "Overland"

    Recently I bought an 18s Elgin "Overland", mainly because I had never seen one before and love 18s watches. The details are: Grade 279, 18s, serial no. 11507588, 17j, made about 1905. Apparently about 7000 279's were built in 1904-05. I'm curious about it's name; "Overland". Paul
  14. Paul Sullivan

    Waltham Model 1888 with "Lift out movement" case

    Waltham 1888 Grade 24 16s Ser. no. 5799181 11j (1893). I don't usually buy 11j watches anymore but I was intrigued by the "lift out" movement holder. The case is marked "Imperial" M.W.C. Co. (Metropolitan Watch Case Co.?). The watch was purchased as serviced, but ran some +110 second per day...
  15. Paul Sullivan

    Hamilton 936 ser. no. 6306, 18s, OF, LS, 17 j.

    Love 18s watches and Hamiltons in particular. I have one 936 but the serial was a bit low on this one so decided to buy it. Dial has a repair at 6 o'clock but still pretty nice. Love the hands also. Best thing was is that it has been well maintained and a great timekeeper, averaging about - 3...
  16. Paul Sullivan

    Private label Hamilton 934 # 40439

    A recent purchase private label Hamilton 934 marked on the dial and movement "S.G. Twambley and Son, Biddeford, Me." According to the Hamilton ledgers it was finished 8-11-98 Sold 9-27-99 A. Walters Prov. RI, thence S. G. TWAMBLEY & SONS , Biddeford Me. Paul
  17. Paul Sullivan

    100th Anniversary of WWI. Show your watches from 1914.

    28 July 1914: Austria declared war on Serbia. 1 August 1914: Germany declared war on Russia. 3 August 1914: Germany declared war on France. WWI had begun. 4 August 1914: Britain declares was on Germany. I have only one. A Waltham Model 1908, grade 623, #19850756, OF, 17j made in...
  18. Paul Sullivan

    A Sekonda P/W shows up in Mr. Selfridge on PBS

    I'm always on the lookout for pocket watches in movies or television. In the first season of "Mr. Selridge", season one episode six at minute 3:32 Mr. Crabb makes an announcement to the staff just before opening the store and glances at his pocket watch. It is an open faced watch marked Sekonda...
  19. Paul Sullivan

    Chronometer a star in NBC's new series CROSSBONES.

    Recently NBC has produce a new pirate series called "Crossbones". The premise of the show is that Blackbeard, played by John Malcovich, is trying to capture a RN vessel carrying the first accurate marine chronometer seen here and here.:excited: Some clock guys may be able to recognize some of...
  20. Paul Sullivan

    Hamilton 954, OF, pendant set, # 831232, adjusted 5 pos., circa 1911

    I recently acquired this 16s 954. It came as a movement, with dial and hands (no case). According to the NAWCC digitized Hamilton data base 2700 LS and 1,898 PS were made from 1910 to 1913. The last LS sols in 1930 and PS sold in 1923. There is an old thread, here, discussing the 954 and 972...

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