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  1. davefr

    Anyone have experience with Neon?

    I picked up this old Electric Ad Company Action Clock at a garage sale. It's missing the flip cards but the clock works fine along with the rotating drum. Wood case is excellent. The Neon is dead but I think the transformer is OK. I measure 2000 volts output. Anyone have any first hand...
  2. davefr

    How would you restore this?

    I have a really nice Four Seasons advertising clock but the advertising logo has crumbled to nothing. The background needs to be opaque but the lettering is translucent. The panel is textured glass. Anyone have any ideas how to tackle this? I'm not sure transparency film and a printer would...
  3. davefr

    Repurposing IBM/Simplex Slave Clocks - Time setting???

    I have a couple big IBM slave clocks from around the 1950's. (model 57-45). These have the Synchron 120 VAC movements with the relay that puts the clock into fast forward mode until the top of the hour. I'd like to use one as a general shop clock but it looks like there's no easy way to set...
  4. davefr

    What is this Derbyshire Lathe Part?

    I picked up a Derbyshire Magnus Lathe w/accessories/tooling at a g-sale and I'm in the process of cleaning it up. What is this accessory in the foreground? It looks like a tailstock but what good does it do since the dead center can't lock? The accessory in the background is obviously a...
  5. davefr

    How to Knurl 1/16" hardened steel shafts??

    Guys, I've been trying to come up with a process to improve the knurl on 1/16" hardened steel shafts. I basically want to knurl the shaft on the bottom to be similar to the one on the top in order to give it more bite into the brass gear on the right. The problem is that these .0625" O.D...
  6. davefr

    Pappy's Telechron Forum - What Happened?

    I'm curious if anyone know's what happened to Pappy's Telechron Forum? His forum packed a wealth of info. specific to Telechron and it appears to have gone "poof" several months ago and hasn't returned. Telechron Forums - Index TIA
  7. davefr

    Fabricating Clock Hands - Any How To Tips??

    I found these at a flea market and would like to save them. Anyone have any tips or tutorials on how to reproduce hands since finding original hands is like finding a needle in a haystack? 1. What base metal do you use for painted hands? Brass, steel, aluminum?? 2. How do you cut and contour...
  8. davefr

    What's this tool??

    I found this in a lot of clock repairman's tools/supplies. What is it? I've searched thru some old horology catalogs and can't find it. TIA
  9. davefr

    Individual Staking Tools - any source??

    I'm looking for a couple staking punches. Is there any source for quality individual punches and their dimensions? All I can find is the old sets on Ebay and the Chinese/India sets.
  10. davefr

    Soldering tiny parts - what process/products works best??

    I've done a lot of soldering but don't have much experience with real tiny parts and want to practice with some scrap pieces. A typical example would be a combination of brass or steel gears <<.5" O.D. and steel arbors of about .0625". (pre-tinning these small parts could be real tough)...
  11. davefr

    Can Loctite reliably secure loose gear wheels?? (closeup images included)

    Hi, I'm curious if Loctite is useful in re-attaching loose/slipping gear wheels? Here are two examples of gears that have become loose from their respective shafts. In each case the gear wheels were originally press fit onto the shafts. (brass/steel and steel/steel examples) In the past...
  12. davefr

    Has anyone bought bulk bushings direct from Bergeon? (Bronze bushings in KWM sizes)

    Just curious if anyone has dealt directly with Bergeon? They've discontinued 100 pcs packs of bronze bushings in KWM sizes and now only offer tiny 10 pc packs thru Merritts. Anyone know if it's possible to buy direct from Bergeon or one of their distributers for large quantities. (500-1000 pcs)
  13. davefr

    How do you custom make clock hands?? Any tips??

    What's the technique in making clock hands assuming you have a template or diagram of the original. I thought about attaching a brass strip to a thin plywood backing using double sided tape and using a Dremel to carve it out and then remove the brass hand. Is there a better technique?? I want...
  14. davefr

    Hamilton Sangamo Wall Clock - Feasible to be saved?

    I picked up this old clock at a g-sale thinking it would be a simple electric motor powered clock. After studying this oddball movement it appears the motor does nothing but wind up a spring until the tension stalls out the motor (motor is in good shape but not shown in images). It looks like...
  15. davefr

    How do I clean Jeweler's files??

    Hi, I acquired about 90 small Jeweler's files at an estate sale. The majority of them are Swiss Grobet. Most of them are in great shape but some are dirty and some have a few teeth clogged. How do I go about cleaning these? Is there something I can soak them in? Except for a couple, there...
  16. davefr

    Mini High Speed Precision Drill Press Review

    I had a need for a mini drill press that has a small footprint, runs at close to 10k RPM and can handle 1.25MM holes in 10-15MM thick aluminum. (one dedicated task). These cheap no name mini drill presses are popping up everywhere. This unit sells for about $70. Here's a review if anyone's...
  17. davefr

    Affordable Micro Drill Presses

    I'm looking for a micro drill press. All it has to do is drill 1.25MM holes at a depth of about 10MM in aluminum at around 5000-10000 RPM. It'll be dedicated to this task. Anyone use one of these? Are they reasonable or total junk?
  18. davefr

    Monoethanolamine, 2 Propoxyethanol and n-Propanol - In L&R #667 Cleaning Solution

    Any chemists in the forum?? Does anyone know if the above three chemicals have a critical purpose in L&R Cleaning solution #667? The formula for this cleaning solution is as follow: Mineral Spirits 60-70% Solvent Naphtha Light Aliphatic 15-20% Oleic Acid 5 –10% Monoethanolamine 1 - 5% 2...
  19. davefr

    Adding heater to Ultrasonic Cleaner??

    I picked up this real nice commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner at a G-Sale. It's 3.2 gallon, 400 watt with 8 ultrasonic transducers. However it doesn't have a heater. From what I can tell similar units with integrated heaters use 400-600 watts for the heating function. (Integrated heaters are...
  20. davefr

    Magnivisor + Zebralight = Marriage made in heaven

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the tools forum but I wanted to share it with everyone. I love Magnivisors for close up magnification but the problem has always been trying to get the right lighting. I've tried all the various Magnivisor light add-ons and they're pretty poor. (either...

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