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    Hermle 1050 20

    This movement has been serviced, has been cleaned, polished and oiled along with the main springs. This movement does not show any wear just looks good. I put it back together and ran fine for 2 days then stopped. I find that I can give the balance a little start and apply very light pressure to...
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    Would anyone know the year this Gilbert was made?
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    Waterbury strike

    Need some thoughts on why this movement keeps excellent time, strikes the bell on the half hour and strikes the gong on the hour without fail when the movement is out of the case. When the movement is in the case it will not strike the hour, the warning does not set the minute hand passes the 12...
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    R/S strike

    The movement strikes fine at 1,2,5,6,7 8,9,10,11,and 12. At 3 o'clock it strikes 2 I can see a tooth on the rack being skipped. At 4 o'clock when the gatheriing pin comes around to the rack it hangs up on the 1st tooth? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Schatz 53 arbor

    I have a new schatz 53 and find the arbor next to the main spring barrel is bent. What is the proper way to bend back to normal? Strange thing is this clock was still sealed it its wood crate, tape on the dome that crumbled when touched, all the paper work along with the key and extra suspension...
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    would this be a Hermle movement? I was thinking it is the 320 020 but the only number I can find is 450 009?
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    Chime rod repair

    this is from a Gilbert mantel, is this possible to repair?
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    Maker and year

    would anyone know the maker and the appropriate year made?
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    Info needed please

    I have this German movement which I have not seen before and would like any info possible also the brass chime ring inside the case I assume it speaks for itself but how was this meant to operate?
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    Would like info

    would anyone have info on this watch, yr made, junk or worth having, thanks.
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    Spring removal

    Could someone explain the proper way to remove these springs and install them?
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    Balance wheel movement

    I have serviced this movement, it runs well but slow even with the S/F lever set to max fast. How is the speed increased?
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    Chime rod repair

    Can someone please explain the proper way to repair this chime rod? Any help would be appreciated.
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    This movement will run from 15 minutes to 3 hrs then stop. After stopping if I swing the pendulum it's like there's no power? I've taken the hammer assembly off and it will continue to run without fail? I can't find anything except the pin that the star wheel raises to operate the hammers is...
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    Ratchet Wheel

    Would someone have a ratchet wheel for sale. The wheel measures 17.25 mm in dia. the hole is square and measures3.5 mm and had 18 teeth which doesn't matter. It is off a Junghans Wurttembers B20 movement, thanks for your time
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    Hammer settings

    This clock has never been worked on, it runs and strikes and chimes just fine. Problem is the hammers do not strike the chime rods and I see no was other than to start bending. The rods are perfectly straight and the hammer arms are straight, the hammer arms are flat not round which makes me...
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    Has anyone seen such a thing used as a pendulum bob? Come in for repair on a ST.
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    ST escapement

    Could someone show me what the escapement (pallet/crutch) looks like for this ST and also the correct pendulum? This pallet has been soldered and worked over with pliers and hammer:( Any help would be appreciated.
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    Seth Thomas Fashion

    I have a Seth Thomas "Fashion" clock as shown, would like to try and find out why it has the #3 case(does not have the secret compartment in the rear as the #4 would) it has the #3 movement but has the #4 dial ( the dial is sunken and has the nickel plated bezel around the second bit) and the...
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    ST #120 movement

    For anyone that has experience with the ST #120 movement I would appreciate any info concerning the main springs. What I have in the barrels now are the strike spring which is broke right at the arbor measures 38" long is .015 thick and is 0.684 wide, the time spring is 52" long is 0.014 thick...

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