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  1. Old Rivers

    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Recently finished overhauling this German Westminster chime clock. The movement has no manufacturer's markings I am aware of. I would appreciate any comments re. who manufactured this clock, and when. Thanks! Bill
  2. Old Rivers

    Replacement hands for Vienna regulator

    Recently I acquired a nice Vienna clock in decent shape except for the hands. The minute hand's tail was broken off, and the hour hand was ratty-looking. Timesavers offers VR hands that work OK, but only in one style. Other than finding original hands in decent condition I was not aware of any...
  3. Old Rivers

    Gilbert puzzler

    Gilbert mantle clock movement has me stumped.:mad: Time side runs flawlessly; and it's quite accurate, too . If I advance the minute hand manually all strikes are correct every hour and every half hour, and goes into warning before striking. BUT when the clock is left to run, the strikes are...
  4. Old Rivers

    Why Left-hand twist drills?

    I recently ran across some SPHINX Spirec point micro twist drills, diameter approximately 0.018" Odd thing is these are Left Hand twist. These same drills are also manufactured in RH twist. Can anyone explain the rationale for offering these drills in LH twist? Bill

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