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  1. Les harland

    English Fusee

    Will Have you tried searching Camerer on the Forum search feature? It brings up two pages of posts
  2. Les harland

    Gillett and Johnston (half-muffling a bell)

    Going back to the first clip in the original post A bit of Blu Tack or similar under the muffle will stop it slipping round and the bell ringing when it should be muffled and vice versa Make sure you get all the Blu Tack off of the clapper when removing the muffle, it is surprisingly good at...
  3. Les harland

    English Fusee

    Loomes Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World Lists:- Camerer Cuss & Co London Uxbridge Road Shepherds Bush 1900-1920 usually Kuss Kuss & Co London New Oxford Street 1900
  4. Les harland

    Huge clock made from factory and farming parts..

    It looks great, any one passing by can see exactly how a mechanical clock works
  5. Les harland

    FOUND MY GRANDFATHERS POCKET can someone identify what it is

    These Hallmarks are not showing up very well PJ1982 if you can see them more clearly it might be worth trying the Online Encyclopedia of Hallmarks Silver Marks and Makers Marks
  6. Les harland

    Why so heavy mantel clock?

    Going slightly off topic cast iron has also been fashionable material for clock cases It is almost as heavy as marble
  7. Les harland

    My newest Acquisition a Dan'l Douglas of Whitehaven Tall Clock.

    That should be Cumberland not Cumbrland Sorry about that
  8. Les harland

    Canadian A Ticking Clock

    That is one way to describe the sound of a quartze clock
  9. Les harland

    My newest Acquisition a Dan'l Douglas of Whitehaven Tall Clock.

    Loomes Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World Lists:- Douglas Daniel Whitehaven Cumbrland UK 1822-34 also jeweller
  10. Les harland

    Canadian A Ticking Clock

    If you want a tick that sounds like the grandfather clock outside your bed room I think you need to look at a mechanical clock Quartze clocks can make a ticking sound but it does not sound the same The same with the chime
  11. Les harland

    latest craigslist fusee... comments? thoughts?

    It is amazing what some TLC can do to an old clock that has seen better days
  12. Les harland

    Time piece age

    Out of curiosity if I were to put an old movement into a different case would the age of the clock or watch be:- The age of the movement , case or when I put them together?
  13. Les harland

    Gillett and Johnston (half-muffling a bell)

    Novicetimekeeper If you decided to go ringing again you would be welcome back Some things have changed, a lot hasn't For example going down the pub after ringing, it is thirsty work There can be a lot of history up a Church tower for example bells which date back to the 1500s You should get...
  14. Les harland

    Space clocks

    The Raketa watch brand was created in honour of Yuri Gagarin's space flight
  15. Les harland

    scam alert - a cautionary tale

    Thanks for the warning Bruce It is always worth keeping any eye open for scams
  16. Les harland

    Happy Easter

    It is the same Church as last time
  17. Les harland

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter
  18. Les harland

    Dating Watches Imported to the U.S. By Tariff Law-Required Markings

    Thanks Ethan It can be very usefull to know that a watch is not earlier than a certain date
  19. Les harland


    The smaller mark is a Swiss Hallmark for 80% silver used from 1880 to 1934 The 800 usually appears with it
  20. Les harland

    François-Justin Vulliamy (1712-97) English cylinder circa 1765

    Rob I thought the movement would be a verge, and am glad to be proved wrong I think you got your $50 worth there

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