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    Morbier Bell

    I'm looking for a bell for a Morbier Clock. Thanks. Kim
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    Seth Thomas Electric Motor

    I'm looking for a replacement motor for a Seth Thomas A502-001 General Time Corp., or someone that can rebuild. It was working, but when I removed the movement the insulating material between the coil disintegrated. Or is this something I can rebuild myself? Thanks for any help. Kim Miller
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    English Tall Case Movement & Dial

    I'm looking for some information on this English tall case movement and dial. Some information that I found with the clock dates back to 1823. But other research indicates late 1700's. Anybody know which would be the correct time period? The Dial says Tho. Leadbeater, Sandbach. The case it came...
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    J.G.L. Movement

    Just took this movement in for repair. Who is the maker and what is the age? Never had one of these yet. Looks well built. Thanks. Kim Kim
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    Seth Thomas Medbury 6E

    Anyone know a fix for a Seth Thomas Medbury 6E model E720-001 with a A502-000 motor. Can't find motors anymore. Is there another option? Thanks, Kim Miller
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    Quartz Movement Help

    Does anyone know where I can find a quartz movement as pictured? It's from a Seiko clock the has animation and music. Thanks. Kim
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    Quail Cuckoo Help

    Hello, I just finished rebuilding a quail cuckoo and I'm having problems with the strike side. It doesn't always stop when it's suppose to. It jumps out of the notch and keeps going but not all the time. And the bird bounces up and down each strike. I've beat myself up on this one. Any ideas? I...
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    First Time Gear Cutting - Thank you Jerry Kieffer

    First time wheel cutting. It went great! This is the great wheel for W.R. Smith's Lyre Skeleton Clock. It has 120 teeth, .8 module PP Thornton cutter. Thank you Jerry Kieffer for your help!!! Now on to the other wheels! Kim Miller
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    Thomas Leadbetter Tall Case

    Does anyone know much about Thomas Leadbetter tall case clocks? I'm going to look at one on Saturday and would like to know about them before I go. Thanks. Kim
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    Looking for replacement Quartz movement

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement movement as shown in the picture? Thanks. Kim Miller
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    Cuckoo Strike Lock Problems

    I'm having problems with a Cuckoo Clock MFG. Co. movement 22/238. At first the strike was going way to fast and flying by everything and not stopping. I noticed the fan was too loose on the arbor so I tightened it up and it slowed it down considerable. But it is still not locking at the end of...
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    Quail / Cuckoo Bellows

    Does anyone know where I can find some replacement bellow tops for a Quail / Cuckoo. The one on the left for the cuckoo call is 2 1/4" tapered to 1 1/4" and 2" long. The one on the right for the quail call is 2" tapered to 1 1/8" and 2 1/4" long.
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    New Haven Help

    This is my first time posting on the forum so I hope I don't mess it up. I've been repairing clocks as a hobby for around 10 years. I recently took on clock that was in really bad shape. It's a New Haven Strike & Time movement. This movement uses maintenance cam as a stop for the strike instead...

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