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  1. Hawk53

    Help MIA

    What happened to the "thread tools" that used to be at the bottom of the page, and is it coming back?
  2. Hawk53

    What Upgrades

    "The new version of the Forum is coming! This major upgrade of the Forum will take place in the early hours of November 2 and should be completed by noon. There will be no access to the Forum while the upgrade is taking place." What sort of "upgrades" are you referring to?
  3. Hawk53

    Broken thread.............

    Per John Hubby's "suggestion", this thread............................... Westfield Watch Company has a lot of missing info from the "great migration" from quite a while ago..........:(
  4. Hawk53

    Is anyone working on the glitches?

    I tried this by "PM" inquiry but just can't seem to get a answer.... The "contact us" link doesn't seem to work either.
  5. Hawk53

    A Sidebar question

    So what happened to the sidebar that I'm so used to seeing? Seemed to disappear this morning after some genius decided nothing was broke with the forum, so we're going to fix it anyway!!!screwball
  6. Hawk53

    Happy Birthday Dan Weiss

    99 years young and counting today!!! I salute you Sir.
  7. Hawk53

    American Standard Watch Company?

    We all know that Bulova purchased the American Standard Watch Case company which housed their designs and movements from the 20's through to the point that Bulova stopped using the "American Standard" moniker and started using the standard "Bulova Watch Company" stamped inside the case. Here's...
  8. Hawk53

    Last nights webinar I thought I'd post the link here since non-members cannot respond in that thread. My thoughts were very similar to Dan's (dweiss17). I noticed Dan had commented about the webcam view of only four participants, that's certainly...
  9. Hawk53

    Elgin...Anyone recognize?

    Not in hand yet, but after searching through several DB's and catalogs, couldn't find. Anyone recognize this model?
  10. Hawk53

    Hudson Maxim

    I'm curious if there are any members of this forum that currently have or had any of the Hudson Maxim pocket watches?????????
  11. Hawk53

    Heads up for those that didn't see this posting Effectively the mb board will be shut down for most of Aug, 5th. Make a note!! :excited:
  12. Hawk53

    Anyone recognize this?

    The one on the right? It is stamped "Bulova" inside the case back.
  13. Hawk53

    Congrats to dweiss17

    I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate one NAWCC member dweiss having celebrated his 99th birthday and all his contributions to the NAWCC over his 8 or so years of membership. I've enjoyed reading many of his posts in the member news and want to thank him for his efforts with the NAWCC...
  14. Hawk53

    Wristlet or pocket?

    I pick this watch up some time ago and have hit a roadblock. It apparently predates all the currently avail. records for Bulova and Westfield (who was owned by Bulova). Please feel free to take a look at the pics and give me your thoughts or observations. Here's what I have on the watch. Bulova...
  15. Hawk53

    Electric WW A question for watchmakers

    I was told a long time ago that a highly experienced watchmaker can open a watch case back and tell if a watches movement has ever been touched or repaired? Is this true? I'd appreciate any informed opinion.
  16. Hawk53

    Anthrax Guitarist turned Master watchmaker!

    Don't know if anyone has seen this, but it's a great read. Persaonally I never would have guessed.
  17. Hawk53

    Watch case manufacturer?

    Does anyone know the name of a case manufacturer who uses a E inside a diamond inside the case back???
  18. Hawk53

    Westfield Watch Company

    In a thread from 2004, there was some questions about Westfield Watch Company. Joseph Bulova purchased the Westfield Watch Company in the mid to late 20's based on searches done by myself and others ( & Bob Butler). We are speculating that Bulova, a wise businessman, did this in...

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