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    Question regarding prices for ER collets.

    I understand that you generally get what you pay for in life but I'm wondering if that's really true with regard to ER collets. I have an inexpensive set of ER16 collets in metric sizes, several of which seems to clamp unevenly so I began shopping for a replacement set. There's a huge range of...
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    Collet hoder for Boley Lathes

    Is the holder shown in the photos a simple friction fit over the tailstock or was it necessary to modify it to fit ?
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    Shopping for Dial Indicator

    A large internet retailer, headquartered in Seattle, is offering a Mitutoyo 2046S indicator (metric) for less than $45. Seems a chance to buy top quality at a reasonable price. One cautionary note is the 8mm stem-not all indicator stands accommodate this size so be aware.
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    Lathe cutting tools/accessories

    Eternal Tools is now selling carbide strip in 2mm x 2mm x 120mm size. I've found their service to be excellent and their goods to be high quality though I caution I have no experience with this product.
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    Interrupted Cuts

    Thanks for answering my question.
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    Interrupted Cuts

    I need to face an irregularly shaped piece with voids. What is the best cutter material (HSS, carbide, etc.) for interrupted cuts and what would be the best depth to take on each pass. The material I'm facing is unhardened steel, probably not free machining. Finish does not matter much, a...
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    Looking for an A2Z CNC adjustable tailstock for Sherline Lathe

    if you have one to sell please let me know. Thanks.
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    Input regarding scroll saws sought.

    Again, thanks for the opinions. What you write, Jerry, makes great sense. I wish the pandemic would allow resumption of classes, etc. For now I'll just have to learn by doing.
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    Input regarding scroll saws sought.

    Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I would really appreciate Jerry providing a little more information about making tooth cutters and crossing wheels on the mill. Thanks in advance if you're able to do so Jerry.
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    Input regarding scroll saws sought.

    I have decided to build a bracket clock to hone the few skills I have and develop new ones. I am considering the acquisition of a power scroll saw to ease the workload and help avoid, I hope, repetitive motion injury on my 70 year old shoulders and arms. I see it as possibly helpful cutting...
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    Linear stage to mount on rotary table

    Thank you Jerry. You are always informative and I appreciate your willingness to share.
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    Linear stage to mount on rotary table

    For Jerry: Could you tell me about the parting tool and holder in your third photo ? New to me and looks useful.
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    Reference photo resource wanted

    Thank you for your responses. I will post some photos, probably tomorrow.
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    Reference photo resource wanted

    Can anyone direct me to an on-line resource showing clock movement photos with ID keys. I received a British tall case movement as a gift and would like to explore its various parts with a reference tool at hand. I'm afraid a printed book reference is unworkable given the current lockdown...
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    A thought for others

    I had a few N95 surgical masks that were surplus to my needs in horology and woodworking. I am donating them to a nursing union so they can be put to use fighting the Covid-19 virus. I thought some of you might be able to do the same. We're in this together.
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    I understand that Accu-Finish cutter sharpeners are being phased out and, once existing stock is sold, will no longer be available. Do any of you own and use an Accuracies-Finish machine ? If so, for how do you use them? Thanks in advance.
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    Elgin abrasive stone

    Among some abrasive stones I recently found is one marked Elgin Dymo C500 G. It is 1/2" X 1/2" X 6" and a good bit lighter in weight than comparable Arkansas and "Pike" stones of the same size. I know there is an Elgin branded diamond polishing compound but I cannot find any reference to...
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    Parts drying hint

    I use an ultrasonic and was looking for a parts drier recently. Instead of paying $300 + for jeweler supply house model I bought a Lyman Cyclone Case Drier from a shooting sports supplier for about $65. It works well. It has 5 stacking racks for parts, with 1" or so clearance between them so I...
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    File cleaning question

    I recently acquired two Nicholson files. Both are flat (or hand) files: one's #2 cut, the other's a #4. Both have been used on aluminum which is embedded in the teeth. I've tried the usual means to clean them including a nylon brush, a brass brush, and rubbing with a piece of brass- but no...
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    What the Heck is it?

    I think it may be an adapter collet to allow a 10MM lathe, like the Levin, to use a 1/2 x 20tpi threaded 3 or 4 jaw chuck.

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