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  1. lmester

    Microcontroller based clock timing machine

    I posted info on my clock timing machine project and then realized that the people that would have the skills to build this are probably reading Electric Horology. If you're interested in buildin your own clock timing machine Check out this post in horological tools.
  2. lmester

    Build your own microcontroller based clock timing machine.

    This is an open source project for an electronic clock timing machine. Used to measure the rate and beat error of a clock plus many other features. Optional precision timebase is available. Total cost for parts is aproximately $40. A circuit board is now available. This makes assembly much...
  3. lmester

    Missing Hermle suspension spring.

    I was re-assembling a Hermle movement. Unfortunately I somehow lost the suspension spring:banghead: I don't often work on Hermle movements so I have no idea what replacement to buy. I was able to determine some parameters for the spring. From the wear mark on the pendulum leader, I measured a...
  4. lmester

    SWCC clock repair.

    It's been about seven years since I restored this Self Winding Clock. A few months ago, the winding motor started sounding nasty and erratic. I pulled the batteries to stop it. I recently finished doing a repair and cleaning. I was happy to find a simple problem with the winding motor and, very...
  5. lmester

    Hamilton Pocket watch 992? movement. Any info would be appreciated.

    Please be patient with me. I know very little about pocket watches. I usually work with clocks. A friend gave me this watch. It wasn't running. I unscrewed the back and saw that the balance was loose and flopping around. I assumed a broken balance staff pivot. After letting down the...
  6. lmester

    Poweruse measurements for some battery clocks.

    I posted a thread earlier with power measurements of a Kundo ATO clock. I've now done this test with a Haller ATO and a Takane quartz movement. Battery life was calculated using 2.5Ah capacity for the AA battery. The Kundo is the best so far. 53 uA of current used. The Haller uses 135...
  7. lmester

    Kundo ATO brass impulse coil cover repair.

    I finally got this clock repaired tonight. This clock was running fine when I purchased it. The impulse coil brass cover was stress cracked and looked horrible. I cut off the cylindrical portion that had cracked. I made a new cylinder from sheet brass. I brazed the ends of the sheet brass...
  8. lmester

    ATO Measuring the power used by a Kundo ATO clock.

    The recent ATO thread by Les Sanders reminded me that this was on my to-do list. We all know that these ATO clocks run for a long time on a battery. They're efficient and require very little pendulum impulse to run. I'm currently working on one of these clocks. It looks like one of the...
  9. lmester

    Proper click spring for Hermle 351-020?

    I think a Timesavers #11617 is the correct one. They don't give all of the dimensions. They just say "Hermle Style Click Spring 1-1/32" Long". I expect that someone on here has replaced many of these and knows if this Timesavers spring fits. Attached are pictures and dimensions.
  10. lmester

    Don't panic if your Tiffany Neverwind starts acting up.

    I recently started hearing multiple rat-tat clicking noises from my tiffany neverwind. The contact arm was chattering. The time was advancing rapidly. It was nothing more than weak batteries. This is the first time I've had to replace the batteries. I had assumed that the clock would just stop...
  11. lmester

    Stopping cracks in stamped brass

    After several decades stamped brass parts will start to get stress cracks. I have a quartz movement torsion style clock that started getting this problem. Took it off the shelf to change the battery. The stamped brass movement cover was starting to crack. A year or so ago during the last battery...
  12. lmester

    Musical alarm Mauthe carriage clock info please

    Does anyone have any idea on when this was made? Any info would be great. The plate is stamped with fr mauthe. It has a music box for the alarm and an unusual shiny chrome? nickel? plated case. Fairly cheaply constructed. I debated buying it and then decided that for $3 it was worth it just for...
  13. lmester

    Mainspring time bomb!

    I recently repaired a Gilbert time and strike movement. The clock would run but the hands didn't move. I found that it had a cracked cannon pinion. After making a bushing for the pinion, I cleaned all of the parts finishing with the mainsprings. The clock has loop end mainsprings. I cleaned...
  14. lmester

    Measuring the effect of unbalanced hands on a self winding clock.

    I've noticed that the clock rate changes regularly on an hourly cycle. It appeared to be synchronized to the minute hand. I've noticed this on 400 day clocks. The rate varies significantly depending on whether the hand is going up or down. The self winding clock has much more power available but...
  15. lmester

    No verification message when switching to new email address.

    My current email address is going dead at the end of this month. I've been spending a lot of time logging onto various sites and updating my email address. I tried switching my NAWCC MB email to my new gmail account. I'm not getting the change verification email. Checked spam folder etc. and...
  16. lmester

    SWCC Clock: How often do you clean yours and how long do your batteries last?

    Last night I realized that It's been a year and a half since I restored my SWCC clock. I took it off the wall and did some checking. Battery: I'm using eight C size alkaline cells to power it. Four in parallel in each fake #6 cell for a total voltage of 3 volts. The cell voltage is now...
  17. lmester

    Gruen veri-thin: Trying to read engraved watchmaker cleaning dates.

    I recently inherited this Gruen. Unfortunately, which relative owned it is no longer known. There are two sets of initials and dates from watchmakers that have cleaned it. Knowing when it was last in use may help me determine the owner. One date is easy to read 7-69 The other may be 3-24-05 or...
  18. lmester

    An extremely accurate clock for less than $25!

    I needed an accurate time source for some projects that I'm working on. I found a good solution. A GPS module. It's a complete GPS receiver on a 1 inch square circuit board. Just apply power and the module outputs a 1 pulse per second signal and also GPS position data including the current...
  19. lmester

    Correct BPH for a Schatz Lectronic?

    Does anyone know what the correct beats per hour is for this clock? I'm using it to test my home built clock timing machine. I'm reading about .36175 seconds per beat or 9951 BPH. I'm hoping someone might know the correct rate.
  20. lmester

    My clock won't run. I think I have an escapement problem.

    Friday I bought a Kundo Midget clock at A local flea market. I thought this would be a simple fix. The winding arbor was spinning freely. I thought it had a broken mainspring. I was happy to find that the mainspring wasn't broken. The spring had just somehow unhooked itself from the arbor. I...

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