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  1. StanJS

    Waltham AT&Co for the record books

    By that, I mean that the look up table doesn't match the watch I bought the below bunged up Waltham Appleton Tracy & Co. The look-up table says it is 15 jewels, but it appears it was up-jeweled to 17 jewels. I am sure one of the experts knows all about this. I'd certainly like to hear about it.
  2. StanJS

    The best of the worst

    Here is a 15J Standard watch that came in a lot with other watches.
  3. StanJS

    Hanmden Wm McKinley 16s 17J S/N 3634914

    I have been doing a little bottom feeding again. I bought the below group of watches for $53 and change. I wanted to see what was behind the Hampden double sunk dial. Here is what I found: If you like a working man's watch that has been used within an inch of its life, you'll love this...
  4. StanJS

    John Hancock 21J Adjusted 5 Positions

    A recent $46 acquisition. A ~1913 John Hancock with a smacked dial.
  5. StanJS

    Billodes Watch - When Made?

    Anyone out there able to give me a rough date of manufacture for this Billodes pocket watch? I thought it would be cool to clean it up and use it as my carry watch for a while. It was sold during the Ottoman Empire. A reminder that sometimes a watch outlasts an empire.
  6. StanJS

    1890 B. W. Raymond HC

    Below is a recent purchase - an 1890ish Grade 70 B. W. Raymond S/N 4100182. They made a lot (74,500) of these. This is what I get for buying based on poor photos. I couldn't even tell that it was missing the bezel. I didn't pay much and it is my only BWR so I can't complain. Another RR grade...
  7. StanJS

    Hampden 18s 15j Railway Grade Private Label

    Below is my latest cheap pick up. The screws in the back do nothing and the movement drops out of the replacement sidewinder case if you take the bezel off. Which is what happened to the seller - and he couldn't get it back together. It is a Hampden 18s 15j, model 2, Railway grade, HC, S/N...
  8. StanJS

    Elgin Grade 390 Marked "No. 349"

    I haven't had much money for hobbies of late. I try to satisfy my watch itch by making low ball bids on auction sites - and consistently losing. I saw this face on what was obviously a well used watch. There was almost as much brass as gold showing on the case. There were no knurls left on the...
  9. StanJS

    Bunch Of Watches

    Fellow Collectors, I used to spend a lot of time here, but had to go cold turkey. (needed WCA - Watch Collectors Anonymous) I have a confession. I haven't bought a pocket watch in four years. Times have been tough. Cash flow has been negative. I had to forgo all hobbies and give up my NAWCC...
  10. StanJS

    Rockford Model 1 Grade 101

    Here is a $76.75 sleazeBay "oopsie". I didn't think I bid high enough to win but... It's a pretty, 16s, 15J, circa 1891, Rockford Model 1 Grade 101. They made 2300 of these. It doesn't have a crown, stem, and sleeve and I couldn't come with a set that worked from my parts. I wound it with a...
  11. StanJS

    8s Illinois 150/150s

    As I am in the mood to confess my mistakes today, here is another I bought online. I paid nearly $250 for this watch. The seller couldn't/wouldn't open it to get the serial number and, given his measurements, I thought it was larger. Below is a circa 1885 (first run), 8s, 11j, model 2, 150 or...
  12. StanJS

    18s Transition Columbus

    Folks, Below is a sleazeBay mistake. I had just missed a watch I wanted and, without much research, threw the minimum $150 bid on this watch figuring someone would bid higher. No one did. So, I doubled my Columbus collection. Pictured below is an 18s, (likely) 15j, transitional (KW/SW/SS)...
  13. StanJS

    Columbus Ruby Question

    I was all set to go for broke on a sleazeBay auction for a Columbus Ruby HC. My OF version needed a fraternal twin. However, the more I looked at it, the more my enthusiasm waned. Does it look like some crude repairs have been made to the watch in this auction (item No. 230471636947)...
  14. StanJS

    E. Howard Nize Series VIII

    Folks, We don’t have a thread that summarizes the pertinent information on the E. Howard N size Series VIII watches, so I thought I’d start one. The E. Howard records are stored at this location: Thanks to Kent and Clint...
  15. StanJS

    Illinois experts: Grade 806 Question

    I am looking at buying an Illinois 16s, 21J, Grade 806 marked "Webb Special". How good is a Grade 806? Is it the equivalent of a Bunn Special? I notice from Russ Snyder's database that most of the 806 runs were marked "Sante Fe Special". I ask because it is circa 1919 and marked adjusted to 3...
  16. StanJS

    Chelsea Clock Movement

    Folks, I'm a pocket watch guy. The Chelsea clock movement below came to me in a box of watch tools. My thought was to sell it to defray the cost of the tools. What can you tell me about it? The serial number is 383331 (if that helps). I did find the Chelsea Clock Museum and it looks like this...
  17. StanJS

    Paris Window Shopping

    I thought y'all might get a kick out of this. I was in Paris in September. Below is an excerpt from my "Trip Report" which I write after our vacations. Cheers, Stan "While Joanne was getting ready, I walked to the Louvre des Antiquaires with 250 antique vendors in the shadow of the Louvre...
  18. StanJS

    Bunn --> Model 6 17 Jewels

    Aside: I went to the Illinois index looking for a thread on the 18s Model 6 Bunn and came up dry. There is good discussion about a special variant of this watch that the moderator (hint, hint) ought to add to the index here: >> Every...
  19. StanJS

    Rockford Model 8 Grade 79

    I haven't had much time (or money) for pocket watches lately. I've been buying Japanese woodblock prints instead. I thought you might like to see my latest junker. I decided to rescue this one from eBay. Below is an 18s, 15J, gilt Rockford Grade 79. It was a railroad watch in its time (circa...
  20. StanJS

    Rockford ID help

    Here is another watch I didn't buy over the weekend. It was in a real nice 6 oz coin silver hunting case. I nearly bought it because I liked the case but the price was too high. Yeah, the whip spring is broken like on the 2 Rockfords I own. The interesting thing is that it is not known to Henry...

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