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    B Fitts Holliston Mass #3 verge fusee

    D B Fitts Holliston Mass movement case hallmarked 1833 - A watchmaker in his own shop in Holliston until 1838 - later worked for Edward Howard Clock factory Roxbury & early Waltham Companies leading to Waltham & then Waltham - Fitt's Pat reverse center pinion is his This was briefly discussed...
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    Tudor Oyster & Tudor Oyster Air Tiger

    I was wondering if these dials should be refinished - not planning to sell - will be grand kids gifts - Black dial Air King can barely be read with a loupe - Who is doing a really good job refinishing these dials ? Costs ? Bob
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    Franck Muller Crazy Hours -- Replica ?

    I assume this is a Replica - - movement runs awhile & stops - is a replacement movement available ( likely less than repairing) Your opinion & information would be appreciated ?
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    USWCo Marion NJ prices in Salisbury Bros & Co Providence R I small Catalogue

    Had this a long time & just ran across it again. Salisbury Bros & Co Catalogue No 79 has an ad for George Channing & Edwin Rollo United States Watch Co Marion NJ watches for sale
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    United States Watch Co marked SWBS case

    Haven't seen another like this - USWCo marked sturdy silver case - open face but set up for stem wind button set movement - looks to be original - typical HC swbs Marion fits it & typical USWCo button pusher fits - it came to me with w/o movt & back case needing hinge pin What are your thoughts...
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    S D Engle's Patent Apr 24 66 on C J & Bro eagle hallmarked silver HC

    Anyone recognize the S D Engle Patent ( dust cover for the winding hole ?) or the maker of C J & Bro hunter case ?? came to me with an early USWCo Marion in it
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    Share all your Newark Watch Co serial # & info

    I've been planning to collect & compile information on all Known Newark Watch Co watches for quite awhile - So here it goes - I'll be sharing my info on over 110 I have information about - in groups as time permits! PLEASE SHARE YOUR'S !! I hope once we have a lot of info collected I can...
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    James Russel & Co Hartford Conn #331

    I realize this is not American made but many in the model 57 Waltham collectors have discussed & speculated about James Russel early Waltham 57 knock offs. Question I have is this case has a Nov 16th 1862 on the dust cover & Later date - Is this realistic for this Warranted trade mark No 1 coin...
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    Presented to Doc C. Rawley by Employees of Sayre System Group L V R R 3-12-13

    Wondering if anyone knows this Doc C Rawley ? L V R R employee ? ? ?
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    Early Jas Boss YGF kw case & C N Thorpe & co paper

    I was wondering about this watch paper in Jas Boss case Patent dust ring Pat March 10, 1868 with neat factory watch paper - paper states manufactured under James Boss Patent - signed C N Thorpe & Co at bottom. I'm to assume made by C N Thorpe using James Boss patent design for construction as...
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    United States Watch Co Grade 3/4 plate 52,626

    A Nice United States Watch Co example - double index regulator - to bad originally case long melted - In converted Ladd GF hunter - stemwind slide lever set
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    Arthur Wadsworth Keyless Watch #3650

    These don't show up often - Patent June 19 1866 stemwind & slide lever set - 15 jewel - - winds well which is very unusual for these -I've seen these in serial # 2009 up thru #6105 - thought it was a good one to share since I had it in hand
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    New York Model 3/4 plate New York Watch Co

    I haven't had this grade 3/4 plate NYWCo before - I assume it's quite scarce - In nice heavy NYWCo marked silver hunting case
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    P & F eagle hallmarked silver hunter case

    Can Anyone identify this maker & dates of production Thanks
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    Spider Man & Star Trek $ pocket watches

    Wondering how common these $ watches are - I haven't had them before - but don't seek out $ watches From late 1970's when 1st movies came out ??? - Look to be new old stock as were other WW that came with these.
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    Superior Canadian RR 21J 5 pos by ?

    Wondering if anyone can help identify the swiss maker of this Canadian RR watch ? Thanks in advance
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    16s Father Time wind indicator

    I was wondering how many 16 size Father Time Wind Indicators Elgin made - sn 15,807,700 I've not owned many over the years.
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    Waltham model 1877 Nation Standard Watch Co Pittsburgh Pa

    I have not heard of this one before Nation Standard Watch Co Pittsburgh Pa - low end model 77 - anyone familiar with the jeweler using this ?
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    Deane Shrewsbury # 31 verge fusee

    Just back from restoration today - Deane was an apprentice to Luther Goddard - certainly not up to Goddard quality - was in bad shape when purchased!
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    Student or watchmaker project ? - spinning balance

    Let me know if you know what this is - I also posted this in chronometer thread with slight pressure on the train the balance spins with second hand moving - odd fusee

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