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    English Small World Rhythm

    Anyone familiar with these quartz clocks that have a music box disc that plays on the hour? Just picked one up for next to nothing and in checking eBay find the few listed are around $200-300 and new wee $599. It works perfectly but hard to find any additional discs (look like small Regina discs).
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    Gustav Becker hall clock

    Here's a photo before adding weights and pendulum.
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    Gustav Becker hall clock

    Had a couple of Howard Miller weights-about 8.2lbs-and tried them and they seem to work perfectly, plus I got a pendulum and bob from Timesavers and finally got it cut to the right length. Movement is pretty clean so oiled it and it is running perfectly. The two sets of strike rods sound really...
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    Gustav Becker hall clock

    Just got a Becker hall (floor) clock. Just two chains and the weights are missing. Is there a standard weight for the weights? I have two 7 pound weights and am hoping they will do. Haven't got the clock yet but will have more info on the movement in a day or two. The clock case appears to date...
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    French Ch Pickard, AD Punant

    Am trying to post a couple of pictures of the clock. Stamped into the back plate are the names as given-- Ch Pickard AD Punant and Paris. And the number 389. Case measures 26 inches by 26 inches at points and dial is 12 1/2 inches in diameter. Clock is running very well and keeping good...
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    French Ch Pickard, AD Punant

    Any info on these two French makers would be appreciated.
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    $ Value?

    Thanks! I bought it at auction for $20, so I'm happy!
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    $ Value?

    Posted this in new clock but curious if anyone can give me an idea of what it's worth.
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    How do you adjust the beat on a Lauffer W6 movement?

    Recently acquired a lovely Lauffer mantel clock--the art deco style with a green dial and green front inserts. The beat is a bit off and I'm just not sure how to adjust it. Any help is appreciated.
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    Over Ocean Clock Company

    Anyone familiar with this company??
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    American Arno Trager

    Is anyone familiar with the name "Arno Trager" clock master, Rotha (Germany)

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