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  1. MuensterMann

    Dead Beat Chinese

    I have two clocks with the same movement and same case. The clock is Chinese and a typical large wall case. The movement has a dead beat escapement. Both clock movements were cleaned and were put back in the clock working - but the clock stops at times. I am thinking it is the escapement -...
  2. MuensterMann

    Sonora Chime Mainspring and Barrel

    I am working on a Seth Thomas Sonora clock and dealing with the chime mainspring for the first time. I have an Ollie Baker winder. Usually I hold the barrel with my hand to wind (unwind) a barrel mainspring, but Sonora chime mainspring is too strong. What is the usual process when dealing...
  3. MuensterMann

    Ludwig Nowak Cuckoo Movement Click Issue

    I have this old Ludwig Nowak, Frankfurt am Main, cuckoo movement. After cleaning it I noticed that the cogs are hard to turn on the main wheels - one worse than the other. I thought the center workings needing cleaning and lubrication, but no, they are fine. It is the click and the notches...
  4. MuensterMann

    1840s English Tall Case

    I have a 1840s English tall case clock with a Fletcher movement (John Wright Fletcher). I have two questions: what type of wood is the case made of and how should I deal with the crack in the back portion? The case is really light in weight. It looks to me to be a very soft light wood - such...
  5. MuensterMann

    Gustav Becker 3wt Chime Sequence

    On a Gustav Becker 1909 3 weight Braunau Vienna clock movement with 2 spiral gongs attached, what is the chime sequence? I am putting back together a movement after it was cleaned and it was not working when I got it, thus not sure of chime. I know it counts the hour at the hour, but not sure...
  6. MuensterMann

    English Tall Case - Maker and Age

    I have an English tall case (grandfather's) clock. Below are some photos of the case, dial and movement. I am trying to determine a particular maker and approximate age. What clues lead us to this information?
  7. MuensterMann

    Regula 34 M

    I am working on a large 8-day all-the-bells-n-whistles cuckoo clock. It has a Regula 34 with the M date code. It is not from 2020, thus leaving either 1980 or 2000. Based on the style in the images below, do you think it is closer to 1980 or 2000? Thanks!
  8. MuensterMann

    Catastrophic 2nd Wheel Trundle Failure

    I just finished a typical 1920ish German wall clock movement. All disassembly, cleaning, assembly, adjustment , etc went as planned. The movement was installed in the clock and all was adjusted. The mainsprings were wound and off it went tic toc-ing away. All was fine and dandy until about 6...
  9. MuensterMann

    Chain Comes Off When Pulling Weight

    When pulling up a weight, say on a 1-day cuckoo clock, and the chain comes off the gears, is this a sign of something worn - such as the chain?
  10. MuensterMann

    Suspension springs these days

    Lately I have been finding Horolovar suspension springs not be the size stated. Or, they are just different in that they are way off in terms of getting the time right based on length. I am finding that they are too slow and then when I trim, the pendulum is way too high when correct speed...
  11. MuensterMann

    Tiny Screws Lyre

    I have a Ridgeway grandfather clock with a lyre pendulum. There are missing screws on the assembly that hold the decoration pieces. The are brass and very small. Is there a source where I can buy a variety to see what size fits? Thanks!
  12. MuensterMann

    Sessions Westminster Quarter Snail Fix

    I have a Sessions clock made in November 1927. The model is Westminster #1. The 8-day two-spring movement plays Westminster tune. All is working once set up properly, but it goes out of sync after a week or so. The problem seems to be the quarter snail - the inner snail - it does not stay...
  13. MuensterMann

    Cuckoo Animation Cleaning/Oiling

    All is fine with the 2 weight cuckoo and getting it up and running. However, we add the third weight and we get animals jumping, dancers dancing, music playing, water wheels turning, etc. Usually plenty of areas for resistance to build up. What are some rules of thumb for keeping the...
  14. MuensterMann

    Kundo Midget - Hand Slippage

    I have a Kundo midget and it is all cleaned and freshly lubricated. At first, no problems. But, after a week the minute hand would droop down, not holding firm. It has the stronger mainspring and the 1973 better fork. If I tighten the nut, no difference. If I add an odd spring, then it...
  15. MuensterMann

    Regula Silence Lever

    Just a quick check, on which side of the lever does the washer go? I believe between the nut and the (outside part) lever. Just double checking.
  16. MuensterMann

    Microset OS

    Has anyone had problems running Microset software from long ago (from XP days) on newer computers running Windows 10?
  17. MuensterMann

    Tiny Barrel

    I have a Koma midget 400-day clock. It is small movement and the inside diameter of the barrel is slightly under one inch. I do not have a mainspring capture barrel that small. I imagine the spring is small without much force. Is pulling it out by hand an easy option for such small...
  18. MuensterMann

    Hammer Damping

    Some hammers strike gongs or rods or tubes very nicely to produce a single sound. However, other hammers seems to bounce and you can hear the bouncing after the strike. Some clocks have a damping system to curb this issue. However, some designs don't seem to have one. Are there techniques to...
  19. MuensterMann

    Cuckoo Music Box Counting Tines

    When counting tines on your cuckoo music box, do you count the wider one at the end? 22 is a common tine number when ordering new movements or parts, but there always seems to be an extra tine - thus counting 23 including the wide one on the end. Is that wide one actually one that is a note...
  20. MuensterMann

    Morbier Comtoise Wall Clock - Information Desired

    My first morbier comtoise wall clock. I think it is all there, except for one side of the metal box. I am looking for information on this clock: approximate date, where made in France, is the metal box common, why the bottom of the metal box shows at the bottom sides of the dial, is it common...

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