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    Question about a Moeris Skeleton Pocket watch,

    Hello everyone, Here's one of the first pocket watches I collected, its by Moeris and features a skeleton movement. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what timeframe it would have been produced? I found some Wiki info online that stated Moeris produced some "Skeletonized pocket watches" after...
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    OREX Pocket watches?

    Hello, I wonder if any member can help me with who the OREX brand was? I have 2 of their pin set watches from the same era (roughly between 1890 and 1910), the first marked J. E. Hood, Oamar, NZ, belonged to my Gt Grandfather who died in 1911. The J. E. Hood on the dial was a local watchmaker...
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    Who made my 8 day Cuckoo Clock? And any servicing tips please?

    Hello, I'm a Horology newbie, I have previously posted in the pocket watch forums but this is my first post here. I brought the pictured Cuckoo Clock sometime ago in going condition, however it was stopping from time to time and my plans are to clean and reoil the movement before using it. I do...
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    Waltham Model 1857 and 1883 watches (Pioneer case), and an early Elgin GM Wheeler watch,

    Hello, Today I thought I'd post 2 Waltham watches I have, and an early Elgin watch as well. I'm quite a newbie to this hobby and when I started collecting I figured after a time it might be a good thing to get an early Waltham and Elgin too as up to then most of my watches were English (as...
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    Manhattan Pocket Watch

    Hello, Karl, here, I'm a newbie and have been posting the odd watch in the European Pocket watch section. Today I've attached some photos of a Manhattan watch I have, its a watch I don't know too much about, any comments about it would be gratefully received, Take care, Karl.
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    3 x Omega Pocket watches

    Hello All, I've posted a few pics of 3 Omega pocket watches that I have collected over the last while: 1.The first came from a friend of my wife's, her father arrived in New Zealand during the Second World War from Trondheim, Norway. The lady gave it to me after hearing of my interest in pocket...
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    Alpina pocket watch, date or movement details etc anyone?

    Hello, Here's a relatively new purchase of mine, an Alpina with an Acier (steel) case. I have looked online for info on this watch but to be honest I didn't get very far, apart from the following excellent source of information: bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Alpina 1109 Can anyone...
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    Jean-Louis More' Calendar watch.

    Hello, I've really appreciated the help and comments different members have added to my posts regarding some of the pocket watches that I have had little luck in researching so far. In this post I'm hoping members can help me with a Calendar watch by Jean-Louis More' that I have, his name...
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    Jn Jones 338 Strand watch question

    Hello, Karl here again, some of you will no doubt have noticed I've been posting a few questions today as I try and find information and help with a few pocket watches I have in my rather small and modest collection. This one is a rather heavy single case pocket watch that I haven't been able to...
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    Waterbury series A tourbillion repair/parts

    Hello, Just a query more than anything, I'm fairly new to pocket watches and I have a Waterbury A that is not running. I'd like to get it operational again down the track but parts for one of these in New Zealand are just not that common. The main spring is fine and the balance is too, but the...
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    C Nomlas (Colin Salmon), Dundee, paired case watch.

    Hello, I wish to post a message about a pocket watch whose watchmaker or "finisher" I couldn't find in any of my books for quite sometime. As you will see in the attached photos it has "C Nomlas" Dundee written on it and it wasn't until I read of the odd watchmaker spelling their name backwards...
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    Gravell and Son, Charter house square, London

    Hello, This morning I'm spending some time posting some questions on the odd pocket watch I have that I hope members can help me with, the question I have about this one pictured here is who's name would it be on the dial? It says Howard ? Bishop and I can't find a reference to that name in my...
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    Help dating early J Watts of London paired case pocket watch?

    Hello, I'm hoping members can help me with the following , I recently brought the pictured pocket watch and are having trouble dating it, it was sold as being made around 1739 and the hall mark supports this but there is a similar London hall mark for 1779, so which would it be? The pocket watch...
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    Early Half Hunter Roskopf with Frodsham and Parkinson markings.

    Hello, I'm fairly new here and have recently posted the odd question in which everyone has been most helpful. This morning I've posted some photos on an early "L " plate Roskopf (my own description) that came from an estate sale in my home town of Dunedin, New Zealand. Its pictured in as brought...
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    New member, and query on Herbrig a' Taubenheim pocket watch.

    Hello from New Zealand, My name is Karl and I'm fairly new to horology, I have always had a keen interest in anything clockwork from an early age and so now in my 50's I have started collecting, if on a rather small budget! One pocket watch that I have so far drawn a blank on (regarding its...

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