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    Kuempel Grandfather clock chime tubes

    Good day. I have a customer who has a Kuempel Grandfather clock that his father built. During a recent move the weights, pendulum, all 5 tubes and leader were lost somehow. I was fortunate enough to find the weights and pendulum on ebay but no luck finding the tubes and leader. I was wondering...
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    Black Forest Tall Case

    Hello All. I just purchased this beautiful Tall Case and would like to pick the brains of the experts on what exactly I'm dealing with. Based on my research, the movement appears to be of Black forest in origin and is in very good condition. The face is wood and hand painted. There is some very...
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    Please Help with maker identification and age

    Hello all. I just purchased an antique tall case clock at a local auction. The auction house had it advertised as the maker being Rich Stone of Thames. However in the face it is engraved Reading. Not sure if it is Reading Pa or Reading in England which I believe is near Thames. They also said it...
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    Tall case identity

    Hey folks. I just purchased this old tall case today. I have always wanted one but could bring myself to pay the price. I paid $350.00 for this one in working order. My questions to all of you is since there is no makers name anywhere that i can see, any idea of who would have made it and or the...
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    My new Eli Terry treasure

    Hi all. I just wanted to share my Eli Terry what I believe is referred to as a double decker column and splat. I fell for wood work movements while I was working on a customers Eli Terry. Got the bug and found this one for $130.00. I haven't fired it up yet, no time but thought I would pick the...
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    Hermle/ Sligh 2071-850

    Hi all. I'm quite new to these forums and clock repairing in general. I have been buying and selling grandfather clocks for about 10 months now and have learned a lot in minor repairs and general cleaning and oiling. Have replaced quite a few cables and such but am by no means a pro. Just having...

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