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    Manistee Watch Company movement serial numbers

    Hello everyone, I have uncovered a number of Manistee watch serial numbers from various sources; I am surprised how many are out there in pieces. If you dig around your junk boxes and find any Manistee movements - I would appreciate serial numbers. George Townsend's 1976 Bulletin article...
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    Hamilton Chronograph

    I am trying get estimate when Hamilton produced its 16 size chronograph watch. Is there a model number for it? Were they made in quantities. I have 3 jigs for producing parts for them and want some idea about them. Andy Dervan
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    Hamilton Watch Company part numbers

    Hello, Did Hamilton Watch Co. offer catalogs identifying replacement parts for its watches so watchmakers could order them? If so, are they still around? Andy Dervan
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    Watch Seeking gold filled 16 size open face case

    I need a gold filled 16 size open face case for a watch that I just acquired. Pkease leave me a private message Andy Dervan
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    Watch Finisher

    Searching 1910 City of Manistee (MI) Directory I noted all city residents who were employed at Manistee Watch Company. One person was listed as "finisher". It as small company and he was the only finisher listed What did a watch "finisher" do? Andy Dervan
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    16 size 17 jewel Manistee Watch Co. movements

    I was looking at movement photographs of 16 size 17 jewel Manistee Watch Co. movements and it looked like the earlier movements serial numbers 00-25000 to about 00-28000 had the alloy hairspring (Gold color) and later ones have blued steel hairsprings. I am curious if that is true or an optical...
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    Hunting 18 size Manistee watches

    Most of the 18 size Manistee watches appear to be open face models. Has anyone seen or collected a hunting version? Are there any visual differences on back plate to differentiate them without turning the movement to confirm winding arbor is at 3 c'clock/ Thanks Andy Dervan
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    Manistee Watch Co

    A NAWCC member recently asked me about the Manistee Watch Co. and I knew very little about it. George Townsend's article provided some basic information about the company and its watch production. I would like to collect information on watches the company produced as it used some unusual...
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    Furniture from Colonial Mfg. Company

    Most clock collectors do not realize Colonial Mfg. Company built wonderful wood furniture for many years to compliment its clock production.. I have 1914/15 and 1919/1920 that illustrate many great examples; furniture manufacturing kept the company in business during World War I. There are no...
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    American Labels Trend and Sligh Clocks

    I had written a Bulletin article about Trend and Sligh Clocks a few years ago. One area that I did not focus on were the labels inside the cases. They appeared to have evolved over time contained varying information typically model, possibly movement number, and packing number. I was hoping...
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    Cost of various pocket watch cases

    I am researching Penn Watch Case Co. - I have an original 1891 catalog. The company was located in Philadelphia, PA was in business ca 1890's selling fully cased pocket watches by mail order directly to customers trying undercut local jewelers. It offered men's and lady's watches in Silver...
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    American PW Watch Balance Repivoting

    Hello All, In the March/April 2020 Watch and Clock Bulletin Mahlon Shetler and I co-authored an article titled "Minimally Invasive Watch Repivoting". We outlined the technique Mahlon has developed to simply and safety repivot pocket and wrist watch balances that he has been doing routinely...
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    Collets for Stark 9 mm lathe

    Hello everyone, I learned from an Amish watchmaker friend, Mahlon Shetler that another amish watchmaker, purchased a 9 mm Stark lathe without collets and probably did not realize it was a non standard lathe and acquiring collets for it could very difficult. Does anyone know of any 9 mm Stark...
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    Penn Watch Co

    A friend gave me a small catalog from Penn Watch Co. I found some references that it existed in early 1890 in Philadelphia. Has anyone heard of this company? Andy Dervan
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    All Michigan Meeting

    Hello Everyone, Great Lakes Chapter 6 "All MI Meeting" We have arranged for special chapter meeting inviting all MI and nearby NAWCC members Mart: Bring clocks, watches, parts, misc to sell or trade $ 5 person & $5 table Saturday, September 9th 9 AM - 1 PM Bennett Recreation Center, 925 W...
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    Repair Broken leaves

    Hello, One of cats tipped over a wood works movement mounted on a stand and it fell over and broke most of the pinion leaves on escape wheel arbor and I am wondering how to repair/replace the damaged pinion leaves? Andy Dervan
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    O. Aune watch repairs tools

    Hello, I am researching Ole O. Aune who lived in Waltham, MA 1893 - 1931. He had a business selling watch repair tools and parts; I am curious if anyone has any tools signed "O. Aune Waltham MASS". Thank you.... Andy Dervan
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    All Michigan Meeting

    Hello everyone, Great Lakes Chapter 6 All MI Meeting We have arranged for special chapter meeting inviting all MI and nearby NAWCC members Mart: Bring clocks, watches, parts, misc to sell or trade Saturday, September 10th 9 AM - 1 PM, $ 5 person Bennett Recreation Center, 925 W...
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    All Michigan Meeting

    Great Lakes Chapter 6 All Michigan Meeting We have arranged for special chapter meeting inviting all MI and nearby members Mart: Bring clocks, watches, parts, misc to sale or trade Saturday, September 12th 9 AM - 1 PM, $ 5 person Bennett Recreation Center, 925 W. Grand River Ave...
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    Seth Thomas 2 dial street clock - Traverse City MI

    My wife and I were in Traverse City MI last week and saw this nice Seth Thomas two dial street clock along the street. Andy Dervan

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