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    Wyler 660 Heavy Duty diver

    I like vintage divers. But the ones I used to collect every one else wants them to so can't afford them was lucky to get the ones I did. Now I look for under the radar stuff. Wyler 660 heavy duty or the life guard models are sort of under the radar. They have a solid case were you remove the...
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    WW1 issued Corps of Engineers Zenith pocket watch

    Was not sure were this belonged here or in the other pocket watch section since it sort of European and American since it's US issued and a Zenith. So thought I would post it here. I found this by accident on eBay looking for some thing else and this popped up in the search. Some on eBay have...
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    WW1 trench watch just added to the collection

    Just picked this up a trench watch made by Beleco a swiss company with a 16 jewel movement. It once belong to a collector named Fred C, Hougham and a lot of his collection was used by Whitney in his book Military Timepieces a book that was so used by me my book starting to fall apart. I just...
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    Interesting record on WW1 timepieces from the US war department

    Some thing cool I found at the National Archives and records department on WW1 military timepieces. I have two of them in the collection Link of page I found it. File:Industries of War - Timepieces - OLSEN TIME FUSE PLUNGER; two military wrist watches; box chronometer; aeroplane clock; motor...
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    British Navy Elliot Ship Clock

    Just picked this up a British Navy Elliot 0552 ships clock should get it in a few weeks probably issued in the 1950-1960 now to find room for it some were in the house. Got a lot of military issued Naval clocks but the first one from the British Navy.
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    Just got this today Czech military issued Eterna

    I collect mainly military issued watches and clocks but will buy other timepieces that interest me buy less these days the hobby not affordable any more you really got to look hard for deals . There are three issued Czech watches using the same style case the Longines, Eterna, Lemania, This one...
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    Any one got copies of NAWCC Society of Military Horologist news letter

    If any members got copies of NAWCC Society of Military Horologist news letter. William Bricker would write about stuff out of his collection I am looking for info on this below that was in his collection hoping it will shed some light on it like were he got it and how he thought it was what it...
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    Waltham jewelers advertising chronometer

    The price was not bad kind of cheap was looking for something else in a search on eBay and this popped up had to have it. Figure same movement in Waltham Deck chronometers. I guess jewelers and watchmakers would have this in a glass cabinet with watches they had to sell so customers to set there...
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    How do you regulate a Hamilton model 21

    I notice that on the Hamilton model 21 there's no regulator to regulate the time. Would it be the weights on the balance wheel that regulate it ? Being a novice I would not try. Am I right just never seen that talked about here yet.
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    cool link on US Navy navigation

    Found this link that has a copy of US Navy navigation training from the 1970's looks like the Hamilton model 22 deck watch none gimble box had a longer life span. Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
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    Well I completed a set today

    First type of chronometer I ever got was a Hamilton Model 22 in a gimbal box years ago they sold for more money back then. Then I got a Hamilton comparing watch then a long dry spell due to prices. But I all ways wanted to complete the set with a big one the model 21 and then the model 22 deck...
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    A pair of Ulysse Nardin

    I recently bought a Ulysse Nardin Deck watch and all most forgot I had a early Ulysse Nardin pocket watch one of my good friends gave me when I retired. So figured I would post them together. I only got a few European pocket watches. But these are the only ones I got two from the same Company...
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    Ulysse Nardine Deck Watch

    Hope I did OK on this. Did a search and saw one in better shape for double the price so I think I did OK. If the German issued marks legit it will go with my military timepiece collection. It will need a service and looks like a few screws are missing. Those are easy to replace. Did I do OK ?
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    Three military issued Bunds

    I think most chronographs are complicated watches due to how many parts the movement has and some watchmakers wont touch them due to there harder to work on. Here are three issued bunds issued to the German Air Force after WW2 during the 1950's to the 1960's and 1970's. The Junhgans J88 then the...
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    Any one collect stuff to go with there Nautical time pieces

    I collect stuff that went on the bridge like clocks and even a chart a large map I have framed and on my kitchen wall as well as chronometers and stuff the quartermaster used doing the course on the chart. Well I just picked up two climometer they tell the degrees the ship rolls and been through...
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    Who collect's Watch Fob's

    When I first got into this hobby some time's I could not afford to buy a watch to ad to the collection. So to get that collecting bug satisfied we all have I would buy watch fob's at antique fair's and NAWCC mart's and eBay. I would buy watch fob's they were cheap some years back like 5-15...
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    Movie Longitude

    Watched this on youtube the movie Longitude about John Harrison chronometer the quality not good being free on youtube but entertaining to watch. Thought I would post it here a good way to learn the history of the chronometer.
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    Best museums to see Marine Chronometers

    I was wondering what Museums have the best Marine Chronometers collection on display. I guess the Smithsonian Museum mite ? Every time I go on a US Navy ship museum I all ways look for ships clocks and on the Bridge in the chart room of the quartermaster I look for chronometer only one I ever...
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    Incomming Hamilton Model 21

    Well been wanting one for years. Well I was searching Ebay I see one for the price I paid for model 22 years ago. So at halve the price they sell for I pull the trigger. What's a plus is the repair receipt so you know what ship it came off of any ships timepiece in my collection I don't...
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    Birth year Omega Seamaster

    Well I all ways thought of getting a birth year watch but the choices for 1958 made it hard a Rolex sub from that year is way to much money. And thought of Tudor but even those are a little more than I wanted to pay. It's been a few years of me looking for the right one and I kept putting it...

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