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  1. ticktock19852004

    Hermle triple train movement

    Hello! I am currently repairing a Hermle triple train grandfather clock movement. The numbers on the back of the movement read 83 1161-850. What would cause the second hand to flutter a few seconds at once? I have checked the escapement and it does not skip teeth. I have checked the depthing...
  2. ticktock19852004

    Beha Musica Cuckoo Clock Restoration

    Hello! I wanted to share pictures of a musical Beha cuckoo clock that I just overhauled. Mainly the operation of the music box. It is a very simple, yet effective set up. The music box plays 4 tunes and is keywound. I also repaired the cuckoo bird. The wires in the bird were mangled and the...
  3. ticktock19852004

    Junghans ATO Clock

    Hello! Does anyone know anybody that would reproduce the dial for an ATO Junghans Chrome clock. It is reverse painted on glass. Thanks! Neal
  4. ticktock19852004

    Clock Peddler figural clock

    Hello! I saw this clock at a local antique shop about 6 years ago. It was priced at $250.00. Considering It is a reproduction, I thought about it for a while. I went back to the antique shop to purchase the clock and some one had stolen the movement from the clock. The owner of the clock put it...
  5. ticktock19852004

    Seth Thomas Octagon Top Shelf Clock

    Hello! I just bought an interesting little shelf clock. The dial reads "patented May 1863". It has its original purchase receipt attached to the back board. It reads "Sold at 80 East Washington Street, Indianapolis Indiana. Oct 17 1864" Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! Neal
  6. ticktock19852004

    Wehrle 4 horn trumpeter restoration

    Hello! I have been working on restoring a 4 horn Wherle trumpeter. I wanted to share some pictures of the movement as it is very, very close to being completed. The first two pictures are of the bottom of the windchest before restoration. The paper had worn away and someone covered the bottom...
  7. ticktock19852004

    Mini ogee-estate buy

    Hello! A family member of mine recently passed away. I purchased this at the estate auction. She was an antique dealer of 40 years. In 1977 she paid $250.00 for this clock. I have an interest in this clock because it is one of the nicest mini ogee clocks I have seen in a very long time. It has...
  8. ticktock19852004

    "Gas light" clock and 2 china clocks

    Hello! Here are my newest acquisitions. I went to an antique show yesterday and picked up a "gas light" clock. $50.00. The dial is almost mint condition. I added the miniature socket-it is temporarily affixed to the gas bracket, it does not alter the clock in any way. The clock runs and keeps...
  9. ticktock19852004

    4 Horn Trumpeter Restoration-Marbelized Paper?

    Hello! I am in the process of restoring a 4 horn trumpeter. Originally the bottom of the wind chest was covered with a green and black marbelized paper. The air passages that lead to each valve and corresponding hole for the reed cells; are carved out of the underside of the bottom of the wind...
  10. ticktock19852004

    4 horn trumpeter-wood plate movement

    Hello! Here is a wonderful 4 horn trumpeter clock that I will be restoring soon. This trumpeter features a 2 train wood plate movement. The clock had been worked on quiet a few years ago. The previous repair person installed the bellow leather using duct tape and then attached the bellows to...
  11. ticktock19852004

    Shelf Cuckoo-automated bird

    Hello! I just purchased this unusual looking shelf cuckoo clock. The neatest part about it is when it calls the cuckoo bird turns, flaps his tail and moves his beak. Just a cute clock! Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! Neal
  12. ticktock19852004

    Grand Sonierre CLock Movement

    Hello! I received a fantastic muscial clock for repairs. I have included pictures of the movement. It appears that the click wheels are inside of the partial barrels. How does one let the mainsprings down? Thanks! Neal
  13. ticktock19852004

    3 Horn Trumpeter Restoration

    Hello! In another thread that I had posted recently (Gordian Hettich "repeating" trumpeter-movement problems) I mentioned another 3 horn wall hanging trumpeter clock that I had restored. This one came in missing all three horns, one bellow lifting lever and the hammer. I made all three horns...
  14. ticktock19852004

    Morbier Clock-Animated Pendulum

    Hello! Here is my newest acquisition. It is 56 inches long and 15 inches wide. Each weight weighs 10 pounds. The initials J.D. are stamped into the brass on the left hand of the dial and 1881 is stamped in the brass on the right hand of the dial. The pendulum is interesting, it looks to be...
  15. ticktock19852004

    Gordian Hettich "repeating" trumpeter-movement problems!

    Hello! I received this Gordian Hettich "repeating" Trumpeter in for repairs. "Repeating" means that is plays the first note twice and the last note once. The customer wanted the horns rebuilt. That went perfectly and it sounds great. The customer does not want the movement completely overhauled...
  16. ticktock19852004

    Test stand for Cable Driven Movements

    Hello! As I specialize in cuckoo clock and Black Forest clock repairs I get mainly those clocks in for repairs. However, I get about 10 grandfather clocks in per year for repairs; most of them being chain driven. I have gotten in a few cable driven grandfather clock movements in lately. Which...
  17. ticktock19852004

    Shelf cuckoo overhaul

    Hello! I thought I would share some pictures of this wonderful old shelf cuckoo. It needed several bushings and a few trundles. There is still quiet a bit of solder on some of the lantern pinions from a past repair person. They sealed each cap with solder after replacing trundles. The replaced...
  18. ticktock19852004

    Auction Finds!

    Hello! Here are my latest auction finds. 1. Pillar and scroll clock- wooden works are complete with a few extra wheels. $15.00 2. Seth Thomas tambour clock. $5.00 3. GE Westminster electric clock. $15.00 4. 2 Kundo anniversary clocks. $3.00 for both. 5. Black Forest wag on the wall clock. Has...
  19. ticktock19852004


    Hello! Now, NO GOOGLING or looking for this question on the internet. This is just for fun and we'll see who can come up with the correct answer without looking it up on the internet. What makes the cuckoo bird unlike any other bird? Neal
  20. ticktock19852004

    Hermle Movement

    Hello! I am overhauling a Hermle floating balance movement. It has strips of metal across the escapement wheel pivot holes. I don't work on very many floating balance movements. What is the intended purpose of these strips of metal? Thanks! Neal

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