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    Hairspring Beat Rate

    I know this is a long shot, but might anyone know the beat rate of these small German movements. Guessing these are from the 1970's. I know I should have counted the teeth...... Thanks, Greg
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    Case and glass cleaning

    I'm curious what those of you that service clocks for a living (or used to) do when you take in a clock whose case and glass is as dusty and dirty as the movement. Do you do any external cleaning or do you just do your best to put a newly cleaned/serviced movement back in the case without...
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    Plymouth (Seth Thomas) screw-in bushing?

    These bushing are in an 89IM movement out of a Plymouth mantle clock. I believe Plymouth was owned by Seth Thomas. I've never seen any bushing like these before and am wondering what you all know about them? They appear to be threaded into the plate. There are four of them, three on the front...
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    Is this a Regula

    I am trying date this movement. It appears to be a Regula movement and came out of a cuckoo clock I'm repairing. But, as you can see there are no stampings on the back of movement beside the pendulum length. The lifting wheel is held to the arbor with a set screw and the motion works...
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    Are street clocks air tight?

    I am building a small street clock. The visible dial is 24 inches across. My question is whether the space between the glass/crystal and the dial needs to be airtight. I am concerned that moister will get inside and condense on the glass invoking all the bad things moisture is known for...
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    Roman Number Dial

    I created this dial for a project I'm working on and thought I would share it with you. This dial rendering is a true vector graphic and will print as well at 2 inch diameter as it will at 4 foot diameter. PDF's can be printed as a percentage of the actual size and so can be done at 4 inch, 5...
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    French Carriage Clock

    I am working on cleaning up a French Carriage clock. It has a cylinder platform escapement. See photo one. Has anyone any idea how a platform can get this much 'stuff' on it while inside a fully enclosed brass case? When I got it the balance wouldn't even turn. I have cleaned it the best I can...
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    How to get your workspace cleaned up.

    As others have often posted their frustration with losing small parts (e-clips come to mind) here a quick tale you might find amusing. The other day I was working on hacking a remote control for some window shades that I have. The intent is to have my PC 'press' the buttons on the remote so the...
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    Gustav Becker gathering pallet

    HI All, I need to make a new gathering pallet for this Gustav Becker wall clock (it was missing when the previous owner bought it 15 years ago). Problem is, I'm not exactly sure what it looks like. I am hoping one of you have a close up photo of one from a similar vintage movement. In...
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    spring thickness for Kundo Midget

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone with a copy of the Horolovar 400 day clock book could identify this back plate and let me know what size spring I need. This is a Kundo midget, that stands all of 6 inches tall. As always I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Greg
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    Hermle 341-021 verge

    I know is going to be hard to describe but just how tight should the friction clutch that connects the crutch to the pallet arbor be? I can move mine with moderate single finger pressure and am wondering if this could cause the clock to "wonder" out of beat after a few days or hours. The few...
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    Seth Thomas Preston?

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can tell me what year this clock was likely produced. A co-worker brought it to me after it took a nasty fall. Something about a dog...... Also, am I correct in believing that this is a model Preston? There is no stamping on the underside of the case. I think...
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    Seth Thomas needs a little TLC

    Hi All, I have this little Seth Thomas that I literally salvaged from a 30 cubic yard dumpster. I am looking for advice regarding the pendulum leader and type of pendulum. I would like to restore it as close to original as I can, thus my questions about the type of leader and pendulum...
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    Ansonia Winding Arbor

    Hi all, I'm fixing up an Ansonia Mantle clock. I have a question regarding the winding arbors mainspring hooks. Most of the time, they're to short to catch the spring or broken off altogether. With this one it's just the opposite. They're huge! See attached photo. Both arbors have hooks that...
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    wanted: smooth jawed brass pliers

    Hi All, I have googled until I'm blue in the face :confused: and have not been able to find a high quality pair of solid brass pliers with smooth jaws. Can anyone provide a supplier of said tool? I just received a pair of the lined pliers one the suppliers sells and one of the liners broke...
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    Botch or Ingenious repair

    Hi All, Here's something you don't see everyday. Or at my rate in a life time. Before this part was cleaned it was completely black and covered with dried up oil and nicotine and whatever else covers old parts. Looking at it dirty I just couldn't figure out how just the center of the...
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    True Type Fonts

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a source for true type fonts that contain accurate representations of Roman numerals suitable for clock faces? I know you can just use X, V and I from some fonts but I am looking for one made specifically for Roman numbers in the clock face style. Thank for...
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    Help with model name and date

    Hi All, I picked up this E. Ingraham clock the other day and am wondering if someone can tell me what model it is and roughly what date it was manufactured. It just needs a little TLC and we will have saved another from the land fill. Thank you all in advance, Greg
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    need cannon pinion gear

    Hi All, Well, I've done it this time. Had a cracked pinion gear from a t/s Gilbert movement. I tried soldering it and well..... let's just say the gear is toast. :mysad: I hate asking but I am hoping someone might have a spare gear in their parts bin. The gear had 10 teeth, was .338 in...
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    Help with Ansonia bezel contruction.

    Below are two photos of a bezel and face pan that came with my clock. I am guessing the blobs of solder are not the original method for securing the pan to the bezel. This makes me suspicious if these are even original parts but I have no experience to go on. I would like to put it back to as...

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