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    Crest Pocket Watch Movement

    A friend has brought in a nice gold filled pocket watch for repair. The movement is marked "Crest". The dial looks to be from a local Victoria, BC jeweler. Its marked Shortts, Hill and Duncan, Victoria, BC. It has a nice 3 finger bridge and 17 jewels. I am not up on my movement sizes. It...
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    Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 Time Setting Problem

    I have recently purchased a used Omega Speedmaster watch. I find that when I set the time, once the crown is pushed in then the minute hand does not move for between 10 and 30 seconds. So no matter how accurately I set the watch the minute hand goes out of time by the 10 to 30 seconds. Its...
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    Main Spring Lube Question

    I am new to watch repair and have a question about new watch springs. They come in the aluminum disk that holds it in position to directly install in on the winder. Do you have to unwind the spring, clean and re- lubricate or are they ready to install it right from the factory?
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    Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 Power Reserve Question

    I just purchased a used 3510.50 Speedmaster. The watch was supposed to have been serviced December 2011. One day after work I took the watch off and laid it on my dresser. It had been running well for the four days prior. The next morning I found the watch stopped after 17 hours off my wrist...
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    Elgin 18 Watch Parts Lists

    Does anyone know if there is an Elgin Pocket Watch Parts List published somewhere on the internet or NAWCC website? I am restoring an older Elgin pocket watch S/N 223,881 and ordered a new mainspring. I gave the material house the serial number and they sent an #812 mainspring. The #812...
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    Electric WW Seiko Quartz Watch Day of the Week Wheel

    I've recently replaced the movement on a Seiko quartz watch and noticed the the day of the week wheel has the day abbreviation in what may be three languages How do you get it to give the day in English? The movement model is 7N43-9011
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    L&R Master Watch Cleaning Machine Wiring Diagram

    I have a very old L&R "Master" Watch Cleaning Machine. All of the wiring is corroded and should be replaced. It looks as though over the years cleaning solution has dripped down into the wires through the drying chamber causing the insulation to become brittle and the copper wire to corrode...
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    Worn Springwinder Hook

    I purchased a second hand set of springwinders. One of the winders, I suppose one of the more popular sizes the hook is warn away and looks like it won't catch the arbor hole. I was wondering if there is a way to repair or replace the hook on a Bergeon or Watchcraft springwinder?
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    De-Magnetisers for Watches and Tools

    I have been looking to purchase a de-magnetizer for watch parts and tools. Has anyone had experience with the Etik de-magnetizer? Is there any difference between this type and the pass through field coil type? Can a whole watch be de-magnetized on the Etik deck?
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    Perton Lathe Question

    I just purchased my first watchmakers lathe. I wanted to clean and lubricate it before use. I noted that the headstock shaft ran on two bronze or brass split bushings. The split is approximately 3/32" wide and filled with what I thought was dirt. So took a dental pick and removed it only to...
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    Sessions Mantle Clock Strike Train Won't Stop

    I've recently overhauled an old (I guess they all are) Sessions mantle clock. I had to replace the brass spring wires that put pressure on the lift and count levers. I can't seem to get the clock to stop striking. I've adjusted the timing to ensure the count lever drops into the deep...
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    Sessions Clock Strike Train Lever Springs

    I have been reassembling an old Sessions Mantle Clock one of the fine wire springs that wrap around the strike train lever arbors broke. The wire appears to be brass .015 wire but it has spring type properties. Any suggestion as to where I could get this type of wire or if there is a substitute?
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    Hermle Dial Train Parts

    I bought a broken Zaandam clock and found that the dial train gears (all made of plastic) had broken teeth. The it is the gear on the cannon tube that is missing two teeth. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement the part or even used movement? The model number for the movement is...
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    First Bushing Job

    I am new to clock repair and have an old Sessions mantle clock that has worn pivot holes and requires a couple bushings. I need to purchase hand tools to install bushings. I'm not sure what reamers, broaches and a chamfering tool, I require. I could use some information about tools and the...

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