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  1. Halda Sweden

    Charles Pitt London duplex escapement

    Dear Horological firends, Are there any more known watches from Charles Pitt London with duplex escapement? This one, with movement no 1083, has a silver case, year 1842, I believe it was made by Charles Hubberd, 9 Poole Terrace City Road, London. Perhaps there is a connection to Caleb...
  2. Halda Sweden

    John Sizer Grimsby with special dial and dustcap marked SPICER

    Dear Horological friends, Last week I was fortunate and bought several watchmakers cabinets with old parts and repair objects from a retired hobby watchmaker. It´s like Christmas Eve to check every drawer.... This pocket watch is rather large (54 mm) and heavy (153 gram) and even if the...
  3. Halda Sweden

    James Payne London Year 1808

    This pocket watch has something extra. The decoration on movement is rather special. James Payne London No 2530. It´s has a rather large silvercase, ca 65 mm. It´s made 1808. I believe the casemaker is Samuel Atkins, Bridgewater square, London, reg. 1801. Any information regarding the case-...
  4. Halda Sweden

    Roberts B London doctor or observation pocket watch

    Silver case from London 1805. IC= Perhaps,,,George & John Carpenter Clerkenwell, (I Carpenter) There is a french lily on the dial below the seconds hand. Why? Any information regarding this watchmaker J Roberts? There is some interesting old promotion labels inside the case... Best rgds Peter B
  5. Halda Sweden

    Caleb Pitt London doctor or observation pocket watch

    Caleb Pitt London, year 1802 Any information regarding this watchmaker? Silver case marked RG , perhaps Richard Groves, 104 Grays Inn Road. Reg 30 Aug 1792. Best rgds Peter B.
  6. Halda Sweden

    Wiliam Connor Dublin doctor or observation pocket watch

    This watch come from Dublin and the case is from 1793 No 32370 Case was probably made of a women: Sarah Carpenter, Islington Road, London, year 1793. Any information regarding this watchmaker? Best rgds Peter B
  7. Halda Sweden

    Edward Howard London doctor or observation pocket watch

    This is the oldest doctor- or observation pocket watch in my collection. The paircase was made (I think) by Thomas Gooch i London, 1784. Best rgds Peter B.
  8. Halda Sweden

    Wadham Josua Poole, doctor or observation pocket watch

    Wadham Josua, Poole, No 4023 Any information regarding this watchmaker? Silver paircase, year 1800. EL= perhaps Edward Leeming, reg 1777. Reg 36 Monkwell Street 30 juni år 1800. Ref. Pritchard page 102. The engraved monogram or letters AAS was for a solider in Sweden - Anders Andersson, who...
  9. Halda Sweden

    Peter Desmarais London jumping- and quarter seconds etc.....

    This is one of my favourite pocket watches. It´s marked: "Peter Desmarais London in venit et Fecet No 1405” Is there any more information regarding this maker? How many of these watches are known? Best rgds Peter B.
  10. Halda Sweden

    A. Lange & Gutkaes?

    Sorting some movement parts today from a one kilo Scrap box and look what I found: Could this be the signature from Gutkaes and Lange Glashütte? I have to check if there is more parts. Sad to see this vandalism. It must have been a very high quality movement. Would love to see a complete one...
  11. Halda Sweden


    I love these dials and this one is a beauty considering it´s design. Perhaps it´s a "fake name" on the movement which is rather special. I show you later..... First question is: Is the hallmarks faked ones? Best rgds Peter
  12. Halda Sweden

    Escapments yes but for what kind of clocks?

    Dear Horological friends, At an auction I bought some boxes with NOS escapements . Some of them are marked with year 1962. What kind of clocks was these escapements intended for? Best regards Peter B
  13. Halda Sweden

    Christian Lange London a mystery....

    Dear Horological Friends! This is a very curious item in good condition but no parts or hands are preserved. I don´t know how it worked or it´s purpose. I am also curious who Christian Lange was. Is there any conection with Glashütte? Christian Lange is known for invetions and was mentioned...
  14. Halda Sweden


    Dear Horological friends! In my collection of vintage wristwatches there is one made by HEUER called "AUTO-GRAPH". I would likte to know more regarding how it was used and when it was made. Best regards Peter B.
  15. Halda Sweden

    "SENIOR" with day and night time

    Dear Horological Friends! I never seen these kind of wrist watches before but at an auction there was two and I couldn´t resist them. Signature on dial on one of them and in movement on the other one: SENIOR One of them is marked: "KMS SENIOR" inside the silver case. Any information is...
  16. Halda Sweden

    Deal W. (William), London, skeleton, duplex escapement

    Dear Horological friends! Many years ago I bought this rather special pocket watch at an auction. Movement is signed: "Deal W. London, No 575" Duplex escapement. Silver case, ca 46 mm, London year 1844. Casemaker: JS Who was the case maker? Perhaps John Shales or Jospeh Savande(o?)s.. ...
  17. Halda Sweden

    A pocket watch for a sailor................

    This is one of my favourite pocket watches...... No signature but case from Chester year 1832 E.K = perhaps Edward Kirkman, 1827-1855, Liverpool. Best regards Peter B.
  18. Halda Sweden

    A pocket watch with compass and rangefinder

    Dear Horological friends! A bit special this pocket watch but who made it? Dial with text: "Registered No 44851" Movement is perhaps from Buren? Best regards Peter B.:)
  19. Halda Sweden

    Patent World Time Pocket Watch

    Dear horological friends! By first sight an ordinary pocket watch.... I believe the silver case was made by William Henry Sparrow, Birmingham... Is Hallmark London 1909 or Birmingham 1913? Best regards Peter B.:)
  20. Halda Sweden

    A shock protected Marine Chronometer Parkinson & Frodsham

    Hello Horological friends! Many years ago I bought this Marine Chronometer signed: "Parkinson & Frodsham, Change Alley London . 2788". The mahogny box has a thick pad under the bottom against shocks. Nothing special with that. The gimbal is on the other hand a bit more special. It also have...

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